Jaffe working on an online action game?

What exact game Jaffe is working on still has PS3 enthusiasts scratching their chin. Many have divined that Jaffe and his new start up, Eat Sleep Play, are working on a new Twisted Metal game. This speculation comes as the result of leaked info from Jaffe's blog, such as this e-mail to ESP co-founder Scott Campbell.

It seems like all those murmurs could be completely wrong, though.

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ghamdikh23728d ago



gauntletpython3728d ago

I always thought all those Twisted Metal 'leaks' he did were fake and done as a joke/misdirection. Would love to see Jaffe do an action game, in the same vein of God of War, and with some online stuff.

sikbeta3727d ago

No man, I was really expecting for a Twisted Metal PS3

callahan093727d ago

In what way does this new evidence contradict the theories that it is a new Twisted Metal? The previous Twisted Metal had online multiplayer, and this new evidence is merely a job listing for someone with experience doing online multiplayer. Well, why wouldn't a new Twisted Metal have online multiplayer? I see no reason why Twisted Metal couldn't be in some ways called an Online Action Game.

shadowfox3727d ago

Calling Twisted Metal an action game is like calling Mario a shooter because you can shoot fireballs and other projectiles. Clearly Twisted Metal =\= an action game.

sikbeta3727d ago

Maybe you are right, but when I read Online I think in a game like Warhawk, Starhawk or MAG, but can't be something like MAG because next year it'll be out

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shadowfox3727d ago

I'm glad they aren't doing Twisted Metal... I think car combat games were great for when they came out, but I don't think they aged well at all.

BLipp173727d ago

well he said we should hear an announcement Dec-Feb, so hopefully we'll find out at the VGAs? (Twisted Metal please!)

Socomer 19793727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Im a huge twisted metal and god of war fan.
that said.
jaffe is a whiny, self involved prick.

sometimes dogs just hate cats and vice versa ya know.

put david jaffe in a room with peter molyneux and watch all the air get sucked out it. at least 1 dev will come out with a game thats close to what he promised.
Thanks Jaffe, you bastard.

jjohan353727d ago

Well I certainly don't have that much heat against David Jaffe. I just get annoyed with all these articles on 'Whats David Jaffe doing next??!' as if it's some sort of Where's Waldo adventure. He hasn't released a game in nearly three years (unless you count the PS2, then its 2 years). For a guy who blogs a lot, he sure doesn't do much work.

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