IGN Preview Need for Speed Pro Street

IGN visited EA to take a closer look at the newly announced Need for Speed Pro Street for PS3 and Xbox 360.

"Pro Street is bringing the danger back to racing. Each bump, each scrape, each head-on collision with a wall has consequences. We sat in awe as a target video showed a car exploding into hundreds of pieces. Keep in mind this isn't Burnout. The car doesn't just explode and you respawn seconds later. Black Box is devoting a significant amount of time to a persistent damage system that emulates real-life collision in hope of showing the raw, violent power of these cars. Yes, there are real consequences -- beautiful, thrilling dangerous consequences that will jolt you out of your shoes, and probably your checkbook."

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icechai4745d ago

"More importantly, the sense of intense speed is gone"

This is what made the original NFS series stand out!! Take out the speed and you just have a mediocre GT5 (with less professional tracks). I hope EA pulls this off, but i'm not holding my breath, especially with Burnout and Midnight Club coming to the next-gen systems too.

KoolMan4745d ago

Theres only one thing keeps me renting this games(not buying) is that they have a nice body work for all cars, only if they take the story line out and keep it like NFS HP2 then ill think about buyin it