Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 review (Resolution Magazine)

Resolution Magazine writes: "It's clear that Infinity Ward has, with Modern Warfare 2, tried to do what many sequels do: increase the body count, upstage the previous iteration's stand-out moments, and in every way fill the screen with spectacle. Almost without exception, Modern Warfare 2 achieves this, but at a slight cost: the veneer of plausibility that made the original Modern Warfare so compelling has been shattered. This sequel stretches credibility to the outer limits of what is acceptable, even for a blockbuster, but successfully glosses over it with fun, frenetic and unrelenting action. This is both Modern Warfare 2's greatest strength and the source of its minor shortcomings."

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OGharryjoysticks3722d ago

CODMW2 is not a 9 or 10 game.

bjornbear3722d ago

Def a fair one too IMO, considering the short SP campaign

renegade3722d ago

8 its the score that deserve codmw2.

foldedintoboats3722d ago

Yeah it's nice to read something that feels a bit more measured. Haven't played the game yet though so can't really comment.

ian723722d ago

I have the game and 8/10 is about the right score for it IMO. It's never a 10/10, some reviewers are pathetic. Nice to see a decent review score for this game.