Sony denies drop in PS3 production

Platform holder shoots down analyst's speculation on console's price.
SCEE has refuted suggestions that it is reducing production of PS3 – and has told MCV that there is no link between a potential price drop and any temporary change in manufacturing.

The news comes after a release from industry analyst Lazard Capital Markets this week, which stated that, 'Reports from Asia suggest that Sony has reduced production of PS3s, at least temporarily, which may suggest that a price cut is less likely this year.'

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BIadestarX4578d ago

I don't think this is true. The PS3 is selling like hot cakes and it's blowing the 360 out of the water in terms of sells and games. (rolling eyes)... at least that's what we hear from Sony fans around here.

Snake_Doctor4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

When have you heard that. I think I've seen the argument made that outside of US the PS3 is selling better than the 360, but in all seriousness I haven't come across a post that says something like what you said. I always see... wait till (fill in blank) comes out.

fenderputty4578d ago

nice dude ... if this wasn't going to be a flame war, it now could be.

Personally ... I think this is good. It means that a price cut is still possible.

Kleptic4578d ago

OH man you didn't hear? The PS3 is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are slowing production because they admit that the 360 is way cooler and that all the really cool dudes have fall Sony will completely stop production...and publically admit defeat to Moore and Gates...

from Harrison himself: "We totally screwed up with the ps3 by assuming that the gaming public wanted something that wouldn't ghetto up their living room...Our next system will be nice and loud, break a lot, and will use a cartridge...just to prove we no longer want to push any new technology on our customers"...

j/k...its been a while for a good flamewar, and this is news that will definitely get it going...

BubblesDAVERAGE4578d ago

Facts are that Ms was to have 15 million shipped bye the end of 2006 yet bye the end of the middle of the year it was cut to 12...then it was cut to 10...this is all in the first year of the production of the who isnt selling well agin...a 600 dollar game system worldwide still sells better then te 360...plain and simple

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P4KY B4578d ago

bladestar & Snake_Doctor

made me laugh. I'll give you both bubbles. Because we all know when the Sony fanboys read this they will try and take them all away from you.

Arkham4578d ago

And it's comments like yours that continue to bring this site down.

progx4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

If sony does that then you won't need your second job to pay for it. LOL

Arkham4578d ago

You're absolutely right. I would imagine that for some people a relief from the moral quandary of working at both Burger King AND McDonalds would be welcome indeed!

N4GayFanturds4578d ago

They denied the original launch date; "We're still on track for a Spring '06 release.."

They denied analysts estimation of the PS3 costs.

They denied the delay was due to the bluray player.

So you tell me...?

CrazzyMan4578d ago

how does all what sony said or lied interfer you with playing on PS3.
do you feel bad, when playing Motorstorm, Resistence, Virtua Fighter 5 or Oblivion, because 2 years ago Sony lied? You now can`t play games because of that ?
How sad..

Saint Sony4578d ago

Why would they slow down the production if they ever plan to make profit with PS3? Slowing down production would kill it for sure.
Hmmm.. I just realised... of course! Why produce anything that sells much slower than they produce. Damn! fcuk! Hell! and some other hip words.

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The story is too old to be commented.