Frogger available on the Xbox Live Arcade

What better way to wake up than by playing some oldschool Frogger? Microsoft kept their promise and released the first game in their Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday program. For 400MP's you'll be able to enjoy Frogger with HD graphics and with Live functionality. Of course there's a free trial for those of you without MP's. Head over to for more info.

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bringing back the memories!


Dick Jones5925d ago

And I have a Big Screen HDTV to boot.

Marriot VP5925d ago

I don't understand why they made the frogger screen so small. It's pathetic compared to them being able to just fit any TV size from top to bottom.

Nodoze5924d ago

Good effort, lousy execution. At the very least they should offer a stretch mode to fill the screen. The default setting is so small that it IS tough to see (I am on a 57 DLP). I had to go into the menu to expand it!

Asylumchild5924d ago

hahaha Its just fine on my 20 standered

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