Assassin's Creed 2 to have "seduction mini-game" "Now, everybody knows that Assassin Creed 2 will be a bloody game. But that is not the full story behind its Mature rating."

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hardcore19123727d ago

Blood and seduction is the perfect combination for a great game :)

nan03727d ago

The biggest load of bull. I liked Assassins Creed because it was different than most games. It just seems now they're changing it so much to appease the large masses that it's disturbing.

Seriously, This isn't Pimp'in ass's Creed, it's Assassins Creed. We don't need a "hot coffee" style mini game or anything of the sort. It isn't necessary.

It's sad when they sacrifice depth and symbolism within the story. I for one loved all the mysterious symbols in the ending. It was awesome and gave it a creey/mysterious feel.


cyclindk3727d ago

In this scenario, our assassin must use his "other" hidden dagger...