ID Software: No Castle Wolfenstein in '07

id boss Todd Hollenshead has given us an update on the progress of the new Castle Wolfenstein title - but don't hold your breath, as its release is definitely "not this year".

Castle Wolfenstein, in the works at Quake 4 developer Raven Software, was first announced for Xbox 360 way back at Microsoft's X05 event in October 2005, and subsequently confirmed for PC. But since then it's all gone quieter than a library of mutes.

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Excalibur4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

We have heard little to nothing except an announcement there would be a new game.
No biggie, there is still more games coming out than I have time to play anyway.

MK_Red4746d ago

I didn't like Return to Cas... . Original Wolf 3D was the best as was original doom. Doom 3 was terrible. I hope their new projects are like classic ones not newer updates.