Modern Warfare 2 vs. Modern Warfare 1 comparison

How does Modern Warfare 2 compete with its predecessor? Check it out in this comparison gallery where you find screens with similar settings from the two games.

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Alcon Caper3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Although the differences at first glance seem minimal, I see a noticeable amount of improvement between the two games (taking into consideration that they're the same engine).

NecrumSlavery3720d ago

Only major difference is the fluidity of the game, looks like it runs much smoother. The only other major thing is the destructable environments. Not more grenades bouncing of windows. Lot's of small details.

Best comparison is what Smash Bros. BRAWL was to Melee. Graphically improved a small amount, but the content that was added is ungodly huge.

DiffusionE3720d ago

So the small improvement in lighting is worth an extra $10? Pathetic.

Saaking3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Looks the same just like

Gears 1 to Gears 2
Forza 2 to Forza 3
Halo 3 to Halo ODST

etc, etc. Is it really so hard to up the graphics? Just look at what ND did and PD (from GT5p to GT5).

From what I've seen it simply doesn't look like that big of a jump, graphically. Of course, some people would say there's a big difference. To me, they look fairly the same. Running at 60 FPS is an improvement, but it doesn't do much for the graphics. Especially when compared to games like KZ2 and UC2.

Killjoy30003720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

The visual fidelity between MW1 to part 2 is simply staggering. To say there is no difference is just stupid. And although it may not be the best looking games, it sits head and shoulders above at least every 360 game including Gears 2 and even Splinter Cell Conviction. The lighting is incredible, as are the particle and smoke effects. The fact that it runs as buttery smooth as it does is a true technical feat, and to say otherwise is simply ignorant.

Are you sure you've played the game? I'm not here to throw around baseless claims, but certainly if you've played it then you would notice all of the huge differences present. It looks good and plays better. What more do you want? I think you're jumping on the hate train just because it's the current fad here on N4G.

I had my doubts too, but once I played it on my 40" 1080p Plasma, all of those doubts were immediately put to rest.


improvement in the ligthning and color. Thats all, It has the same crap textures and the same characters models. To me COD4 looked better than this just for the time, now we heve been spoiled by other games. Anyway the game looks "above average" as one guy in Gamespot said about K2 one time upon its release.

OHH I like the Ketchup on the screen when I get hit...It make me hungry for fried fries!! LOL!!!


Anorexorcist3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I can immediately notice a great improvement in the weapon models, the reload animations, and the motion-capture animations (killing enemies in the SP campaign appears so much more satisfying.)

Only idiot fanboys would degrade MW2 and consider it a failure or not worthy!!!

Teh Cell3720d ago

Yep, easily worth it. If you've played it, you would have realized that.

thewhoopimen3720d ago

I would hardly call this a technical upgrade, though I do believe IW added new features.

To me it looks like they mainly used higher quality textures on the gun. The character polygon counts are exactly the same. The lighting system is exactly the same.

What I see different is a smarter use of matching texture design to the lighting they planned to use for the level. I think they chose the level lighting and environment work first and then designed textures to match the lighting used. Why do I say this? The texture resolution is as low as ever, but the color contrasts are much more noticeable and vivid.

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D4RkNIKON3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I have been waiting for this!

Edit, there is a slight difference but thinking back on a past article that said MW2 was graphically better than UC2 just makes me laugh.

Teh Cell3720d ago

For the love of god, don't base your purchase on still screens. I guarantee you will be amazed when you see the MP in motion.

kaveti66163720d ago

Finally, a comparison that doesn't divide the gaming community. Well, not as much as the other comparisons.

DonCorneo3720d ago

the opening of mw2 stole that line from shawshank redemption

tmt3453720d ago

not a very big improvement besides the lighting

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