Have You Ever Taken a Video Game Personal Day?

Gamervision writes:
"It's no surprise that pretty much the entire gaming industry is enthralled with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 this week. The highly anticipated sequel to one of the best games of 2007 launched to a ton of hype, and perhaps as a result, there has been very little gaming news over the last few days. Just on my own Twitter friends list, I've noticed a trend of people taking a day or two off to play Modern Warfare 2, and I can only imagine that gamers have been calling out sick or taking personal time in record numbers yesterday and today. So, it made me wonder: are you taking any time off from work or school this week to play Modern Warfare 2? Or, if not for this specific game, have you ever stayed home "sick" to play video games in the past?"

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Feral Gamer3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

I've taken vacation days at work for major game/console releases. It's not like I go on vacation. Gotta use them somehow...

WildArmed3724d ago

I took a few days off for Mgs4 here =/
All those delays got me too itchy for the game.
so took thurs (june 12th) n friday off.. 4 day weekend exclusively for MGS4 :)

Shooter_McGavin3724d ago

I remember taking off for Gears 2. Haven't done it in a while, but it rules.

Dr Nightblade3724d ago

I might do this today, work sucks but an endless onslaught of multiplayer action rules!

Myst3724d ago

Yeah, but it was a day in which I didn't have to work so don't know if that counts. It was basically one weekend where I didn't have any homework ( Surprising! ) and didn't have to work. So I loaded up on pizza and sodas, watched a few movies throughout the weekend and played a few games here and there, while reading in between.

Honestly that was the best weekend I've had to thus far, think everyone should have one every once in a while. It certainly did help in relieving some stress I was experiencing as well.

Socomer 19793724d ago

Socom confrontation ( It hurt so bad )
Demons Souls.

Days Ive taken off because videogames make me stay up late and miss work:
ALL of them.

yeah, I know, Im skating on thin ice here.

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