PlayStation 3 Now Has Mandatory Firmwares

Our office had troubles signing onto the PSN today. Well after trying and trying we decided that it was time to update the PS3.


For those who are reporting it, read the article. 3.01 was a optional update and now its mandatory.

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A LIVING LEGEND4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

now has mandatory updates into wasn't always so.
To update or not to update?.......
That isn't the question.
To whine or not to whine,however......
Thnx for coming out,albeit late.Try again next year/cycle/gen/decade/procedur e/etc.etc. Scrap this bs.

plstcsldgr4711d ago

I was already updated to 3.01 and i had problems signing on it wasn't the update. the psn was down.

dkblackhawk504711d ago

This was after the PlayStation Network downtime.

plstcsldgr4711d ago

Yeah i still had issues. and there are still people who haven't updated to 3.01 your an idiot the update isn't mandatory your article sucks, you had a fit because you couldn't sign in and updated.

gamerdude114711d ago

With scoops like this one, now I understand why made up the GT5 track editor story.

DaTruth4711d ago

Why didn't you ask at least one friend before running off to scoop this? You wouldn't have looked like such an idiot!

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The story is too old to be commented.