DualShockers Review: DJ Hero

DualShockers writes:

"DJ Hero is Activison's newest take on the music genre which looks to put the player in the role of the club DJ. DJ Hero follows a similar style of Guitar Hero but makes very quick departures as you actually use a turntable and only hit three notes instead of the traditional 5 from the all too familiar guitar titles. Does DJ Hero scratch its way to fame or go the way of the cassette tape?"

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JoelT3722d ago

Even after reading all of these positive reviews, I think that i will still hold out until version 2.

taz80803722d ago

Hopefully it sells enough units to warrant a sequel. The first one was solid and a lot of fun.

Chadness3722d ago

I don't think I want any more plastic peripherals, myself. I'd lime to try the game though...

Ninferno3722d ago

I want to get this game, but its just too darn pricey right now for my cheap self.