Mad Catz Sees Sales Fall On Slow Holiday Season

Accessories maker Mad Catz, which develops peripherals for games like Street Fighter IV and Rock Band, saw its sales fall 16.1 percent year over year to $21.6 million in its second fiscal quarter, which ended September 30.

The company claims North America as its largest market, and in that region alone, sales declined 18 percent -- sales actually rose 55.3 percent in Canada, but were offset by a 19.6 percent decline in U.S. sales. Sales in Europe were down 14.6 percent year over year.

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saint_john_paul_ii3719d ago

Hey Mad Katz, why not make good licensed PS3 Products while yor thinking about how much you're going to make this year? maybe you would make more money if you made controllers that actually are not gimped and stupid, like that MW2 PS3 controller. and whats up with that Home button on those controllers? put a playstation logo on it while you're on it.

Oh thats right, you guys dont want to make a good controller, so you dont even attempt to get yourselves licensed by sony since it cost money to do such a thing....