Rumor: PS3 Firmware update 3.10 on November 19

Do you speak Polish?. Well, we have something special for you. Sony Polish subsidiary of Sony has confirmed to us that soon you will be able to choose Polish language interface for your PS3.

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WildArmed3719d ago

I hate these supposed 'leaks'
Sometimes they let you down.. other times.. a firmware update comes and its NOTHING like what the 'leak' said it'd be lol

Sometimes I wish Sony would just deny these lame rumors.. change the release date by one day and be done with it.
Rep: new firmware update on Nov. 19?
Sony: No..
*new firmware update comes on Nov. 18*
Sony: Told you so

WhittO3718d ago

lol what the point in denying rumours when they are usually lying anyway, they even skit at themselves in the new ads lol.

Anyway, i was hoping for custom Avatars and Cross-game Chat.

I think they are hard at work for the in-game chat, not so much on Avatars since they were meant to come with last FW and its been ages so far, we have the same OOLLLDDD Avatars.

Maddens Raiders3718d ago

all that BF:BC2 beta traffic.

himdeel3718d ago suppose to make $100 bills shoot out of the PS3 bluray drive. Let's hype that rumor and watch dreams crushed when something lesser is announced.

ProperFunked3718d ago

dude, the custom avatars are your Home avatars.....duh?

or do you mean you wanna rip off xbox avatars who ripped of wii's miis?

yeah that'd be a great addition...?


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pro1gamer3718d ago

the arabic gamers are way more then any others but why didn't they pot arabic language !! this is strange .. I know lots of arabic people who wants from SONY to translate the menu to their language but SONY doesn't reponse to them ..

congratulation for poland

Perkel3718d ago

yeah it is annoying that i can't write polish letters like ćśźó etc. But from 2008 we have our own SCE Poland like SCEJ or SCEG

but it's still pain fro czech or hungary :/

Wreszcie kurwa jego mać :D

TheDudeAbides3718d ago

When someone post a so-called article/news here there a like 0-3 comments on the source website. There are sh!tloads of comments on this one haha.

Polluted3718d ago

Well we all have accounts here already, plus you get to know some of the other N4G regulars so you can get into conversations with them on here. It's easier to go back and check your old comments here too in case someone replied.

Then of course, there are tonnes of people who read the summary and don't even go to the source I just did.

PirateThom3718d ago

Most other sites would ban people here if they started commenting like they do on N4G.

LtSkittles3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Would 3.10 be one of the big updates? Like maybe a surprise? This update will tell if Reckless was right, or not. I have two theories on why he deleted his post. 1. X Game chat is coming in this update, or 2. He was wrong, but it's coming in a different update, or 3.(I know I said two, but yeah) Sony didn't anyone outside of the company to know that they were working on it.

Edit @below I see

Sangria3718d ago

According to previous rumors, 3.10 would include the famous cross-game chat and was planned for November as well.

Mc Fadge3718d ago

Until Sony announce it and it comes out. The numbers mean nothing :P

ThatArtGuy3718d ago

...or if they do a video preview the day or two before.

DigitalEnemy3718d ago

I for one hope that Reckless Abandon deleted his post because cross chat will be included in the next update but realised what mega news he just let out so deleted his post straight after. I'm confident it will be included in next update,which fingers crossed, will be next week.

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red2tango3718d ago

Yes I do speak give me that update!

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The story is too old to be commented.