Resident Evil 5 PS3 exclusivity chatter resurfaces again

Rumours that Resident Evil 5 will be a PS3 exclusive have resurfaced once more, with reports in the Japanese games media alleging that that the 360 version of Capcom survival horror epic has been dropped.

However, Capcom has itself refuted the allegations, saying the reports were erroneous and that the title will, as announced, be released on the PS3 and 360.

This isn't the first (nor will it be the last) time we've seen this sort of speculation, but could it actually happen?

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Rhaigun4745d ago

They've already said they will be doing multiplats from now on. That's why DMC4 is on 360 now.

FreeMonk4744d ago

Capcom will be shooting themselves in the foot if they release RE5 exclusivly on the PS3.

They have sold millions of copies of Lost Planet and Dead Rising on the X360, and they've done well in Japan as well.

I can see Dead Rising and Lost Planet coming to the PS3 soon though soon!

PS360WII4745d ago

RE5 is about as exclusive as RE4 was for the GC

MADGameR4745d ago

Resident Evil 5 was a PS3 and 360 exclusive to begin with! This news is way too old. There is no point in reading this. The first RE5 trailer that came out said PS3 and 360. So this article is pointless.

omansteveo4745d ago

Yeah just like Res 4 was excusive to Gamecube. If Capcom did this its like throwing money away. They already have 2 platinum sellers on 360 in Lost Planet and Dead Rising which were'nt pre-existing franchises. This may be crossing they're minds now but it will change once they see how much the 360 version of DMC4 outsells the PS3 one like crazy and this thought will soon be a distant memory.

P.S. People can flame and disagree with me all they want the facts are the facts

rosko4864744d ago

So it's a fact that the 360 version of DMC4 will outsell the PS3 version huh?

MADGameR4744d ago

Resident Evil 5 is staying Multi platform. DMC4 360 version outselling the PS3 version? I would'nt go and say that. You don't really know for sure. Because only a FEW went to the 360 side.I don't think the 360 fanbase has grown much.. Because they STILL have to beat the X Box's 30Million sold world wide. The PS3 has JUST came out and 8 months old already WITH a very high price, not much good games. Even though I am not SIDING with any of the companies, I say SONY will win this war.

bootsielon4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

Just as Silent Hill 5 could end up being exclusive if PS3 sells more than enough, RE5 too. I have both consoles, but I don't want Xbots to enjoy this one, just for spite.


Sturmfuhrer, if I'm a fantard, the only logic conclusion is that you a are a fanmoron. Anyway, I have both consoles, so I can't possibly be a Sony fanboy. I'm more like an Anti-annoying-xbots (not Anti-Xbox). Scram, Xbot.

PS360WII4745d ago

I couldn't help but laugh at that spite comment

Xi4745d ago

I think the ps3 is the bigger flop, it's selling worse than the gamecube after 2 years. The 360 never really had a chance, but least their games are selling.

Bloodmask4745d ago

It actually made me laugh out loud (+) bubbles for you