Star Trek Online System Requirements Announced

Cryptic Studios has revealed the system requirements for its upcoming MMO Star Trek Online, confirming that most PCs will be able to handle the game without any major problems.

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Maticus3729d ago

That's very nice to know, although no surprise really. It's very similar to Champions Online apparently, and my machine runs that fine.

Fyzzu3729d ago

It's the same engine as Champions, isn't it? I imagine it'd be fairly similar but tweaked and upgraded, so yeah, I'd wager it'd be around the same. I imagine I can run it flawlessly, anyway.

Leord3729d ago

Are you just speculating, or is it really the same engine?

Malfurion3729d ago

Grrr, I guess I really should update my graphics card anyway... :(

AndyA3729d ago

Seems pretty reasonable, should run OK for me. In theory.

Redrudy3729d ago

Only problem I see with that is Broadband with the terrible connections with BT and Sky.

Dorjan3729d ago

Sky have always been great for me!

syrinx3729d ago

Well if its like Champions I will be ok.

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