COD4 New Hi-Res gameplay images released

Brand new images of COD4. The images show of a dusty urban area and a forest with a crashed Blackhawk in the background. These are obviously from the games cut-scenes and represent what the game will look like gameplay wise.

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P4KY B4790d ago

and to think I got hated when i said this looked better than SOCOM.

Drew4790d ago

You got hated on when you said that this looked better than SOCOM?


cod4forums4790d ago

Im just glad they havnt changed the style of art to the previous COD's. Would hate it if they changed everything about it.

InMyOpinion4790d ago


as link instead. It goes to the source, and not the forum you linked to.

TnS4790d ago

Thank you RuJoshin and zonetrooper5 for caring so much with the reports...

Kleptic4790d ago

this is the first I found out its not WWII...I kept hearing "COD4", and couldn't care less...looks pretty cool now...

Don't get me wrong...I love WWII history just as much as the next guy...but even my veteran grandfather was like "WTF!"...

BIadestarX4790d ago

No one will get you wrong... we are all tired of WW2 game right about now.

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The story is too old to be commented.