First virus on the Xbox 360

The first viral achievement will be launched on the Xbox 360, creating a truly unique way of distributing them.

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i'm a self-proclaimed achievement whore, and this sounds like hella fun

tracking down the people with the achievement shouldn't take too long

this had better be more than 5 points though

Krimson5797d ago

I think this will spread faster then they are expecting, to the point that a new player to the game only needs to connect to a game or two to get the achievement.

JPomper5797d ago

Neat. Useless... but neat.

Marty83705797d ago

Less hope it takes M$ out...Ha ha

Noxel5797d ago

Um.. did you even read the article? It's not a bad thing, it's a new and innovative idea for achievements. The achievement will spread like a virus to users.

Hopefully not all PS3 Fans are as stupid as you are.

joemutt5797d ago

I know, they are pretty sad.

shotty5797d ago

You idiot did you read the article. Here's the summary. The game smaller arms (arcade game) has a new type of acheivement. In the begining the 4 guys that created the game will have the acheivment, then everyone that plays them will get the acheivement, then those people that just got the acheivement plays more people who then get the acheivment and so on. It's really creative and I hope more developers think of more creative ways of giving acheivements.

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