PSBlog EU: Final Fantasy XIII – A Special Announcement

PSB EU writes:

"Hi everyone! I'm Antonio "Papero" Marfuggi from SQUARE ENIX's Brand Team.
Just dropping you a couple of lines to let you know something big (and with "big" I mean "BIG"!) is coming up about FINAL FANTASY XIII."

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gaffyh3725d ago

I guess this confirms that the announcement is to do with EU more than NA. Also nothing huge for Xbox fans (who may be thought it was that Japanese 360 owners getting FF13 as well)

meepmoopmeep3725d ago

i doubt it's that huge of an announcement. who knows, imagine they announced Eng. subtitles?

gaffyh3725d ago

If it is English subtitles on the Japanese release of the game, that would be awesome. I'd definitely import it, but I doubt it. Most likely it's just a release date announcement I'm guessing.

squadass993725d ago

think about it a little, if they said that on the european blog than it would have nothing to do with the japanese release. and as the guy pointed out its from the words of the producer of FFXIII. so im assuming it is going to be BIG! and not some half arsed announcment like bioware did :S (still not happy over the blank release date of teh european PS3 version of dragon age :@)

lordgodalming3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

We know they've been working on the 360 version alongside the PS3 version, so the only BIG (capital letters) announcement I can think of is simultaneous worldwide release. Japan, NA, and EU get FFXIII Dec. 17. That would update my Christmas list real fast.


A demo is more likely, but you gotta think BIG, man. :)

gaffyh3725d ago

@1.4 - That would be HUGE news!

morganfell3725d ago comes the localized versions of the demo before christmas...

Aquarius3725d ago

oh fantastic,

an announcement of an announcement.

sikbeta3725d ago

Release Date for EU? and maybe a World Wide Release Date? ahhhh... stop dreaming!

Diamondwolf3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

bubbles Aqua.........that made me LOL

Next up........the countdown clock

It's going to end up being a demo announcement probably. Don't get your hopes up that way you won't be disappointed. Hopefully though it's either Worldwide release this year or even Eng subs, then I'll be on the import list as well

Don't have my box anymore, but for the xbox FF fans, I hope they don't region lock so it can be imported there too.

Alvadr3725d ago

OMG a Dec 17th release date for EU would be so so sweeeeeeet. But very unlikly.

It will be a solid release date for next year and/or a demo hitting the PSN very soon. Roll on Friday

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Lucreto3725d ago

Can't wait to find out what it is.

mastiffchild3725d ago

I KNOW what it is and it's REALLY big. They're sick of the localisations in the EU taking so long and are sending out thousands and thousands of Japanese language tutors to sort out the issue. They yeard many of us like to hear the original Japanese voice work and are aiming to hive us the ability to have it in all it's glory and with full understanding!

They expect EVERYONE owning a PS3 will be able to speak all forms of Japanese at least by the release of Vs in 2020!

THIS is what they're spending all MS cash on! If the experiment works in the EU they're pushing for a full worlwide Japanese spealing gaming community in the coming decade. Thank you. NO more waiting for those willing to adopt this brave SE initiative.

Tomonobu Itagaki3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Final Fantasy XIII will release in Europe on PS3 3 months before the Xbox 360 version. And of course, there will be a bundle PS3 + Final Fantasy XIII at 349.99 euros.

koehler833725d ago

Hyped announcements of announcements need less hype.

filfyvillain3725d ago

I hate when we get these announcements of announcements. I wish they would just bring us the info. Oh well, at least we know something's coming, I suppose.

riksweeney3725d ago

My guess is that it'll be released at the same time as the NA version.

The downside to this is that the NA version will be delayed :)

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The story is too old to be commented.