Fragland Review: Borderlands

Fragland writes: "Borderlands is an ambitious role-playing game by the guys from Gearbox who most will know from the Brothers in Arms series, and two original Half-Life expansions before that. A surprising choice as new game maybe, but first person shooter-elements are also anchored strongly in the game. Most of all Borderlands manages to position itself next to Fallout 3: a post-apocalyptic open playing world where mutated animals and local vermin rule the desolate surroundings.

Of make that inhabitant animals as the game is set on Pandora, a remote mining planet that next to digging companies attracts two types of people: criminals and treasure hunters. The latter being you. Drawn by rumours of "The Vault", an alledged treasure of - yea - invaluable value, you end up on Pandora where a vague blue shadow tells you it's real. And what does any schizofrenic guy who hears voices? Right... obey. Only, to find the way to the vault some tough guys need to be taken care of. Don't ask me why."

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