Famitsu hardware sales (11/2 - 11/8)

Some leaked estimated Japanese hardware sales data has been released (incomplete Sinobi numbers).

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Zedux3729d ago

much more reliable than those fake vgchartz numbers!

mint royale3729d ago

Vgchartz takes their Japanese numbers from the more reliable Media Create figures so your comment kinda fails completely.

sikbeta3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Oh please guys, get over it, if anyone don't believe in VgChartz just take it as estimates numbers or bad estimates numbers, but take it that way, I'm not defending VzGzChartz and I'm not against it either, also the the site manage to create a good gaming community and that is something good, well it seems that way

VzGzChartzz = estimates = good or bad are not REAL, only estimates

ABizzel13729d ago

What is up with PS3 in Japan. Just when you think it's settling in the lower 30k, it pops up to 48k.

PS3 is going to outsell the Wii for the year of 2009. The PS3 is already ahead of the Wii by 20k, and with the release of FF13 there's no doubting what's going to take place in Japan.

raztad3729d ago

PES 10 is out = good PS3 sales.

zeeshan3729d ago

Imagine the Sony figures when FF13 drops!

mint royale3729d ago

'Imagine the Sony figures when FF13 drops!'


******* HUGE!

himdeel3729d ago

People in Japan will continue purchasing PS3 now that it's cheaper to keep from running the risk of not getting the system when FF13 drops.

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FailureRate543729d ago

PS3 – 43,000
Wii – 24,000
PSP go 15,000


PS3 sales > 360 sales since sempteber, you're doomed

4point7BillionLoss3729d ago

$4.7 billion Loss is 4.7 times bigger than RROD !!!!

3729d ago
playstation1233729d ago

Your 3fixme sales were soo bad, they weren't on the list pathetic.

3729d ago
Mista T3729d ago

It's only a matter of time until your on the other side of the fence

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Valay3729d ago

Hmm. If these numbers are true, then the PS3 received a nice little bump this week.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Crystal Bearers helped Wii at all (although I'm not sure that it was a huge release).

SpoonyRedMage3729d ago

It's not out till tomorrow and if it does affect the Wii sales it will only be a small bump(I think).

Valay3729d ago

Oh, just remembered, and you are right! Can't remember if there were any big releases for Wii last week either way, though.

Rocco Siffredi3729d ago

well, iam an 360 fan but i have to admit that the PS3 is a really strong powerhorse right now. Sony makes a great job. congrats:)!

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