Call of Duty Wii: Not so Modern Warfare?

The Digital Foundry blog at Eurogamer takes a closer look at Modern Warfare Reflex on Wii:

"The notion of porting Modern Warfare to the Wii isn't so whacked out or as ker-azy as you might initially think for a number of reasons. The first Modern Warfare's core engine still has a fair amount of DNA left over from the Quake tech upon which the Call of Duty franchise itself was born. The basic setup of the levels in Modern Warfare offers little that any last-generation shooter couldn't cope with, and this is born out by the quality of the conversion in the Wii game."

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Shnazzyone3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

The whole article grudgingly admits that this a worthy port only for a cop out paragraph at the end. Detailing how much he wishes PS3 had motion controls like this. Why not just enjoy what we have now rather then comparing it to something that has yet to prove itself.

N4g_null3725d ago

Man the fans of gaming have a real delimma these days don't they lol.

Nintendo created games for the women who hated video games now they just have to figure out how to give these guys their manhood backwith out loosing what makes nintendo what they are now.

It really is about nintendo turning on the light while these guys make believe they are not playing with gi joes at 27.