TouchGen: Romance of the Three Kingdoms Touch review

TouchGen writes: "RTK Touch is totally controlled by touch, and the entire interface feels responsive. The game is divided into two parts depending on the perspective. The main aspect of the game is to build and maintain your territory. For each turn every city can make one move ranging from developing the technology making farmers more productive to marching out into battle to conquer a nearby city. You get proper stats for each territory showing the level of productivity, order in the city, amount of gold and food available and most importantly the number of troops and officers. To march out into battle you have to have at least one available officer to bring the pain to the enemy. Gold and food is really important too, without food the battle is lost before it begins as soldiers can't fight on empty stomachs. It is also important to have at least one officer left in the city you march from as you will desert it otherwise."

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