Famitsu sales (11/2 - 11/8)

Famitsu has published their estimates of the latest software sales figures from Japan.

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Valay4712d ago

Winning Eleven 2010 is somewhere at around 235,000 units sold, which is a strong first week of sales.

Mario and Sonic somehow managed to slip in to the top 10.

DigitalAnalog4712d ago

I might get Winning Eleven. Haven't played a good football/soccer game for a pretty long time.

Ninji4712d ago

It looks like PS3 has the superior version of Bayonetta too. The 360 version came out on the same day but I guess nobody wants to buy an inferior version of a game on a faulty console.

sikbeta4712d ago

Nice for Winning Eleven 2010 and good to see Bayonetta at least number 8

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