Modern Warfare 2 On Fox

This morning, Fox brought its "fair and balanced" reporting to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The headline? "A game that lets you play as a terrorist?"

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THE MAX SPEED 213725d ago

you know , I hate that they like to blame Violent behaviors of some troubled childrens on Video games when Most of the violent stuff can be found On TV. As a Child I never had any Rules when it came to the things I watched on TV or played on PSone/N64. I grew up with older Brothers and cousins and they were always into that type of stuff to.

I started watching TV-MA South park at the age of 7 when it first came out in 1997.

Watched TV-14 Wrestling as Long as I can remember

Watched all Sorts of Gory Horror movies in early 90s.

and I never had any weird behaviors because of that. I grew up pretty good. lol

I plan to do the same with my children in the future. As long as they know it's fiction it'll be cool with me.

Keith Olbermann3725d ago

this should come as no surprise. Personally, I detest fox and the fact they pretend to be a legitimate news outlet is a joke. Dont they have something better to do like organize some tea party rallies?

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HolyOrangeCows3725d ago

Now people are going to make comments about FOX in my blog because of my ONE point that has more to do with gametime than the scene itself.

MerkinMax3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I thought we've moved past them and their lopsided reporting, fixed debates and shoddy reporters. Hey Fox, let's focus on something that is a actually news, well what the hell? You people call anything news these days.

at you disagreers. Fox lost all my respect when they excluded Ron Paul from debates and cut his responses on the re-airs so they wouldn't be seen on TV. It's alot more than video games, I know most people on this site really don't have a clue about what goes on outside of their house.

HolyOrangeCows3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Almost ALL media is bias one way or another. Quit acting like it's only FOX.

"Fox lost all my respect when they excluded Ron Paul from debates and cut his responses on the re-airs"
Wow, that's BS! Ron Paul is genius!
Gotta say....that does kinda make me pissed at FOX.

MerkinMax3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I honestly try to keep away from most main stream media.

Edit: Are you being sincere about Ron Paul?

devilhunterx3725d ago

You are an xboy. I would definitely call that "weird behaviors".

Darkstorn3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Ron Paul? LMFAO!
This guy preaches individualism, but there's an enormous cult of personality around him. Sounds like collectivism, eh? Plus, all these internet libertarian types just go on the internet and engage in groupthink on the Cato institutes website. Groupthink is also a collectivist institution.
Also, Ron Paul wants to get rid of the federal reserve, which despite it's poor regulatory record since Volcker was fired, is an important part of the U.S.'s regulatory program. Without it, we would have to have a gold standard, and the gold standard is very fragile, as evidenced by the multiple recessions that rocked the Gilded Age:

Maddens Raiders3724d ago

just ClusterFox, being ClusterFox.

himdeel3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago ) to tell you what their shows were rated when they were young :) Showing my age I can tell you that the A-Team fired about 4,500,3448,399 bullets and had only 1 person wounded - HM.

I've never gone out and shot up anyone or jumped my van across any broken bridges. Blame the parents or blame society! But blame the parents first.

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andron3725d ago

In what dimension does their antics constitute news? LOL...

MiloGarret3725d ago

The american dimension, sadly.

toaster3725d ago

Fox News!

Wanna hear another one?

Modern Warfare 2.

Darkstorn3725d ago

Why all the disagrees? I find it hard to believe that there are more fans of Fox News on N4G than those who can recognize it's far-right agenda.

The Meerkat3725d ago

It says it has parental controls on the box.
And that its an 18.

What more do they want?

peeps3725d ago

and it even allows u to skip the offending mission.

bottom line is that the games for mature audiences (still hasn't stopped squeeky kids online tho lmao)

JsonHenry3725d ago

It is the morning talk show. It really isn't "news", just people sitting around talking about the news with the occasional guest. Anyway, Fox knows what they are doing to get ratings. They TROUNCE the competition in any given time slot on any given day. And that is a FACT.

Obviously not a single one of these people actually played the game though...