Modern Warfare 2 Broken PS3 Party System & Fix*

Ironstarmovement: While many of you have been enjoying Modern Warfare 2 since the release, there have been quite a few problems so far. On the PS3 version of MW2 specifically, I've noticed the terrible glitch that is causing many headaches for those trying to play with their friends.


Patch 1.30 has been released

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deadpoole4087d ago

This sucks ... I didnt know I was payin for game that requires user to solve puzzle for party invites. I took 2 days off so I can enjoy this game with friends and then this thing happens ... thanks IW and PSN for ruining the whole online most anticipated game experience.

YungXclusive2K94087d ago

lol yeah it sucks but hey that thing they said to do in the article works i tried it

LiquifiedArt4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

All you have to do is sign out of psn (triangle on account management) and make the Invite message the 1st message you read when you sign back in.

Click Join and boom!

(You dont even have to be in game, by clicking Join it will automatically launch the game)

Meaning we have x-game invites now, starting with CODMW2

4086d ago
rdgneoz34086d ago

Don't blame PSN for IW f*cking up.

ctfkev4086d ago

I bought the game before release date. about 4 days prior, and the party system worked perfectly,

I could go into the XMB, hit triangle on my friends that had the game early too, and hit join session and boom it would join.

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YungXclusive2K94087d ago

its not a flawed version and its IW servers gesh fanboy much?

bjornbear4086d ago

MW2 is the flawed version of what COD:MW was.

Consider it, COD:MW version 1.5

Very flawed, due to IW's slackness...

lloyd_wonder4087d ago

"The Playstation Network is notorious for poor connectivity on day 1 of big multiplayer game launches." Disagree... GeoW 2 anyone?

This isn't a PSN, Live, Sony, or Microsoft thing. It's a server side issue on the developer's part.

YungXclusive2K94087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

There has been quite a few bad multiplayer launches like COD4 Socom Confrontation Fat Princess and some others

lloyd_wonder4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

I'm sure, but it isn't exclusive to one platform, and this debate (PSN vs Live) over online merits wont end because 'ignorance' is a tool used by the people who write these articles.

PSN doesn't have a problem

LiquifiedArt4087d ago

All PSN is, is some server space with User Profile data. This is exactly the same on XBL. (which is why I always argue against service fees)

YungXclusive2K94087d ago

that part got deleted, maybe the blogger thought notorious was to rash, but some games do have multiplayer issues and mw2 is ridiculously laggy

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YLOD Service Tech4087d ago

The game is buggy just like the console itself.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n4086d ago

yh cos we all know how few problems 360's have...

54percent4086d ago

"YLOD Service Tech - 1 day 7 hours ago
1 -
The game is buggy just like the console itself. "

YEAH meanwhile lets play Gears 2 online..... damn!

Strikepackage Bravo4086d ago

I dont mind paying 3 bux a month not to have to deal with this kind of crap.

Pennywise4086d ago

Until your house catches fire!

ultimolu4086d ago


BlackTar1874086d ago

but SC was terrible issues online at launch Geow horrible issues at launch. BS pacific horrible at launch battlestations midway horrible at launch.

But your point is till valid so i dont disagree just wanted to point out it is flawed and you maybe should have said i dont mind paying 3 a month to play COD mw2 without hitches. although i have alot of friends on xbox who say although the problem isn't nearly as F'en terrible as PSN they still have huge lag spikes and party drops.

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