Gearbox dev says "Borderlands 2? and "no-brainer" in the same sentence

VG247: Mike Neumann, Gearbox creative director, has given a clear indication that we haven't seen the back of Borderlands yet.

"Borderlands is really exciting," Neumann told VG247, speaking in an interview published today.

"Everyone here loves the franchise, and it seems like the public is really coming back with praise and love. So yeah, if everything makes sense, Borderlands 2 seems like a no-brainer to me."

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kingdavid4712d ago

Credit where credit is due, gearbox did well with borderlands.

Took a risk and it paid off after the disappointment of brothers in arms. Now hurry up and release a sequel for borderlands.

vhero4712d ago

I would just prefer a fix to the original and a MASSIVE expansion instead though :P But a sequel is definitely cool.

mithril4712d ago

Gearbox must fix bug before a DLC or borderlands 2. I can't play game in coop with my PS3 60Gb because i can't install patch. Many if not all users of 60Gb PS3 have problems.

This game is fun, but have many bugs. Before buying another Gearbox game I'll wait until the bug is known.

P.S. Gearbox, 2K support it's not very good for this game.

joydestroy4712d ago

i agree with both of the above replies. they need a massive patch on this game before the DLC to draw people back to it

toaster4712d ago

It looks like a more heavily cel-shaded Fallout3. A sequal would be good but I don't think many people are even finished with the one out right now. It's just HUGE.

Future Pitchford when Borderlands 2 releases: "What?!?! Borderlands 2 is selling well on Steam? Damn those Valve guys for making such a good distribution service!!"

Nihilism4712d ago

haha, so true, they will come out soon and admit that they made more money through steam than retail sales of the 3 platforms combined. They should pay respect where respect is due, I also agree that they need to fix any current problems before flooding the market with a sequel

ThanatosDMC4712d ago

It's a great game. Perfect to play with friends.

One thing i hated is that we all look alike. They need to get rid of these four characters and make a character customization not just changing of the hair color and clothes.

Probably a lot more skills but they did the level cap perfectly. They REALLY REALLY need to patch up the lost of progress when the host drops. You could end up losing valuable loot and experience and also gives cheaters a way to duplicate items. It shouldnt be that hard to force save everyone's progress when they drop out of the game. I mean, Demons' Souls had it.

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MajestieBeast4712d ago

More customization in the next game please.

Bigbangbing4712d ago

I would say more stable framerate please..

ThanatosDMC4712d ago

Especially when boosting in the cars.

ItsIncognito4712d ago

Great foundation for a great game is build. From here on they can make Borderlands 2 phenomenal. Eagerly awaiting DLC for now

divideby04712d ago (Edited 4712d ago )

the game was released as the most broken game I every purchased.
they ban folks over at their forums for posting about this broken game AND than they have the GAUL to announce DLC, so soon after they release a broken game which is still NOT working properly.
Headsets, lag, friends list.
they didnt beta test the game, they are using Gamespy servers untested.

these developers didnt get it with their last game that bombed

Captain Tuttle4712d ago

PC or PS3 version? Gamespy sucks.

divideby04712d ago (Edited 4712d ago )

PS3 version,,,but it AINT my PS3 or Sony or PSN..
its these developers who dont test, rush a broken game out and than ban folks from their forums, since they CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH and dont like their faces rub'd in it..

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