The Vile Lair Oblivion expansion out tomorrow

Bethesda is readying The Vile Lair, the sixth mini expansion for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

The expansion gives players a new safe house, in which some neat new actions can be carried out. Most notable is the ability to cure oneself of a nasty case of vampirism using the 'The Font of Renewal', and the ability to heal and be cured of disease using the 'The Shrine of Sithis'. You'll also find a cattle pen where you can feed, a Dark Minion who can find gold, and an indoor garden of venomous plants, including the notorious Chokeberry to feed to your enemy.


the vile lair?

wasn't that the name of the sony E3 2006 meeting?

i dont want to go there!

Schmitty076552d ago

I played Oblivion non stop from 3/21-7/5. Thank God that BFME 2 came out because I was getting sick of it. The only expansions I bought were Orrey and Wizard's Tower. Maybe they will eventually become free, and then I'll get them

speed6552d ago (Edited 6552d ago )

I'm actually missing playing Oblivion at this point, I don't think I could ever get tired of it as long as there is new content. IMO they need to be releasing missions instead of so many locations to hang out. Damn, I have enough places I could live. Please, oh please, make some add-ons for the Dark Brotherhood....


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Eonjay20h ago

I feel like this is self-evident.

FTLmaster2h ago

Seems a bit obvious.

In other news: water is wet!


This is written by either the best teammate, or the worst.

Nobody likes the person trying to whip their friends into shape, when they are all either high or drunk, or just trying to decompress.

If your team can’t do level 9, try level 7 or 8.

dumahim2m ago

So we've gone from "Players say" to "player says?" A single player said something, make an article!