Global Agenda To Include Vivox Voice Features

Hi-Rez Studios announced earlier that its upcoming MMO, Global Agenda, will include voice chat features powered by Vivox.

An in-game push-to talk feature, in-game news broadcast and out of game chat system are in the works for the spy-fi title.

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Leord3728d ago

Pretty standard these days...

Dorjan3728d ago

I always wanted that in a game, where if you speak you're broadcasted only to the people around you and the volume dictated by how loud you spoke and the distance they are from you.

It isn't hard to do and I have wondered why not (I guess all the kids on XBOXLIVE might have something to do with that >.>)

Leord3728d ago

Oh yeah, I missed that detail. That's pretty darn cool.

Fyzzu3728d ago

Mostly because in any game where you have a team to talk to, you're going to have some form of communication with all of them, be it headsets or whatever. If you're talking in an MMO form then fine, I guess, though I honestly think voicechat has done more to *hurt* games than it has help it. In this case - well, Global Agenda's a third-persson shooter, so...

It's worth noting that plenty of games included this feature for the opposing team, to the extent that you can hear the voice comms of your opponents if you're close to one of them.

Dorjan3728d ago

Exactly! For pre-rendered voicechats, but not for voip.

Would be great to get rid of the global chat so you have to be near someone to talk to them (unless you had radio packs). Would add a new dimension to teamplay (although most people would just setup an external vent channel to by-pass this)

toaster3728d ago

I wonder if it can match Vent or Xfire with the voice features.

Vent right now probably can't be beat by anything else.

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Maticus3728d ago

For a game like this, voice chat will be almost compulsory. I just hope it's better than WoW's built-in system >.<

Fyzzu3728d ago

This looks good. Sounds like they're making solid decisions when it comes to stuff like this, which is a good sign.

thetamer3728d ago

Looking good, and I can't wait to get my hands on this.

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