EA's MMA Could See Female Fighters

IncGamers has learnt that EA's MMA game could see female fighters.

Speaking to IncGamers, development director, Charles Laing, said that the thought hasn't necessarily been dismissed.

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Leord3721d ago

Somehow I don't think the fighters will look quite like that :P

Sev3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

I don't know about that man. Gina Carano is pretty darned HOT. She'd totally kick my ass too. She was undefeated in Elite XC before it went under.

toaster3721d ago

Everyone likes chick fights, right? I sure as hell do.

Sitdown3721d ago

he means they will not be fighting in bikinis.

Redrudy3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

If it happens in real life, no reason it shouldn't happen here.

Don't they fight in bikinis anyway? They don't have the one piece outfits on do they?

Leord3721d ago

@ Redrudy: Do you mean in the game or in real fighting? :)

Either way, most fighting games are not dressing the characters like that, even if they might be skimpy, they usually look inspired by real clothes or at the very least some sort of fighting outfit.

As for real fighting, I probably will have to look this up if they are dressed like that :D

D4RkNIKON3721d ago

Yeah they will look more like MMA SHEMALES

Prototype3721d ago

They can beat me up all they want...

As long as I get to watch then jump in :D

sikbeta3721d ago

GROSS man, just GROSS, thanks for the trauma -_-

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Fyzzu3721d ago

Well, they've got a big wide world outside of UFC that they can explore. It's not like they're limited. They'd best make full use of that.


And they have to, because UFC was too damn good.

Not saying EA can't do better, there is space for improvments, but EA more than likely will regardless of the quality of their final product, also get some easy sells by put chick fight in there... We know this alone can sell games. Rumble Roses anyone?

Dorjan3721d ago

Sounds like something worth a watch :P

Maticus3721d ago

Doesn't sound likely to me

AndyA3721d ago

Bssed on the Fight Night R4 engine too? Could be cool.

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