Just Because You Like it Doesn't Make it Perfect

When you truly think about the things you like, you often have to admit that they are far from perfect. This applies to practically everything. Whether it's your car, your old bicycle, your favourite trinket or your favorite possession, there are often still things you want improved with them. Take your partner or spouse for example. You love them, but that doesn't make them perfect. Love is accepting and liking them for what they are and accepting their flaws. Bearing that in mind, we can all say that we love the Zelda series.

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ape0073728d ago

me,I see that developing a new zelda game for WII will certainly decrease its level of epicness that is supposed to be,cause no matter what how much skilled the team is,gfx are still important,don't go crazy and disagree just read

just imagine uncharted 3 or halo reach or any HUGE GAME developed on wii,it will lose tons of its epicness due to weak hardware

nintendo is handicaped by themselves,we all know zelda wii is gonna be amazing but my advice is to push the game to WII 2 HD launch,espicially if the gfx style is realistic,not colorful like new mario bros or mario galaxy

don't get me wrong,Im not gfx gfx gfx,no,gfx+innovation+awesome gameplay,story,length and gamedesign

those components above combined and created what we know as ocarina of time

So nintendo I hope you take my advice,the Eiji Aonuma team members are so skillful,all they need is technology

ChickeyCantor3728d ago

"not colorful like new mario bros or mario galaxy "

It always will be in a sense.

Look at the characters from TP, they look basically cartoonish, not "realistic".

ZoidsRaven3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

1) So, a VIDEOGAME (which today happens to be the next Zelda on the Wii) is about to lose some of it's "epicness" because of it's console's graphics?
And just what do you buy games for? Gameplay or graphics?

"no matter what how much skilled the team is, gfx are still important"

Hmmmm, ok. Not only was that a big load of bullsh!t, but graphics (gfx) NEVER mattered, nor was it ever important in gaming.
That kind of thinking is how someone can tell a real gamer from a graphics hound.

2) Uncharted 3? Halo Reach? YEAH MAN, THE THOUGHT OF THOSE GAME'S GRAPHICS CAN MAKE ONE'S PANTS WET!!1 (In more ways then one. ;) )

Weak hardware? Dude, do you even own a Wii?
Metroid Prime: Trilogy has three games in one (which is a sh!t load of gameplay time).
Now. Imagine one of these short and easy azz games you listed which (like thier past game[s]) DON'T have a lot of gameplay time on the Wii with a mix of Metroid Other M's and Monster Hunter 3's graphics. And what do you have? The Eye candy (not videogame) that you're looking for.

NOTE (before you have a heart attact): I'm NOOOOT saying Uncharted 2/3's graphics can be done on the Wii, nor am I saying it can't.

3) Make Zelda Wii for "Wii 2/HD"? It's a good thing Nintendo, MS and Sony DON'T listen to down right silly posters like this, or they would be out of the "console war".

LMAO! Yes you are just "gfx, gfx, gfx!".... You took points off of a game (that you didn't see, let alone play) just because you think it's graphics isn't going to look good.
Zelda Oot? By your graphics hound logic, that game has lost some of it's epicness since the GameCube days.
Point out a graphics hound who still plays that game.

Yeessss. They are skillful, and if you EVER (at least) seen Metroid Prime: Trilogy. You would also know that they already have the technology.

Graphics hounds = A big @$$ perversion in gaming.

live2play3728d ago

i think your thinking of ART STYLE/DIRECTION not grafix. grafix dont help or help a game be better, but art style/direction certantly does. in my view better grafix dont add or subtract .5 or whatever to the games score, but the way the environments are inspired/uninspired do add/subtract to the game. OoT is a beutiful game and the polygons dont have anything to do with it

ChickeyCantor3728d ago

Good he noticed that "you" being one of us is liking something.

SpoonyRedMage3728d ago

I think Zelda Wii will strike a nice balance between Crystal Bearers' art and Monster Hunter Tri's tech. In which case it will look beautiful.

The biggest about it will be the use of Motionplus though, big game changer there.

N4g_null3727d ago

The Zelda fans have gotten what they wanted and it was boring. Notice I never claim I like the new ones bring back what we loved in 2d using the real tools of 3d.

Motion plus wii resort sword fighting off every thing even the old bats from the first one. Lol.

Really why worry they can choose to please who they want to. Sort of like how mw2 was suppose to be boycotted yet broke records. No one cares about what the internet says or does unless you just happen to be on that dev team. Just sit down and enjoy the ride.

The worst thing nintendo can is start listening to unprofessional fans that don't even like their first Zelda.

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