Truthbombers Review: Harbor Havoc 3D (iphone game review)

From the makers of the highly popular Ragdoll Blasters and Paper Toss, Backflip Studios are back again with there new release of Harbor Havoc 3D. Harbor Havoc 3D is a line drawing coordinating game that will have you docking boats, subs, underwater vehicles and helicopters, with beautiful 3D graphics.


Harbor Havoc 3D maps will have you coordinating in the air, on top of the ocean, and the bottom of the sea. Just imagine playing Flight Control x3 on one map.

The objective of the game is to draw a path for the vehicle to travel to it's dock, for every vehicle that is docked you get one point. Sounds easy enough, but as the game progress more and more ships and planes will enter the screen needing to be coordinated. If they are not attended they will aimlessly float or fly, increasing the risk of crashing into one another. If anything crashes it is game over.

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