New GTA limited edition Xbox 360 bundle revealed

El33tonline writes:

"Microsoft has taken the wraps off a new limited edition Grand Theft Auto Xbox 360 bundle.

The bundle includes an Xbox 360 Elite console as well as Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liverty City and Grand Theft Auto IV."

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Zedux3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

is this all you got MS? Common you stepped inside the gaming industry to end up like this milking games? go back to where you belong!

Lifendz3267d ago

and then came this....

GWAVE3267d ago

Great idea.

As we step into 2010, let's bundle a game from 2008.

Game13a13y3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

nice try, MS. i bought the MW 2 limited edition. and i totally think PS3 is a much better machine overall.

i was opening the box and like, what? the controller has no rechargeable battery? then like what? that is the power brick? and then like, what? the disc tray is plastic? and like when i turned it on, then i'm like, what? that is the loud airplane noise people were talking about?

man, i'm so spoiled by the PS3.

StanLee3267d ago

LOL. Look at all the fanboy hate. SMH!

Sitdown3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

in looking at the comments above, its quite obvious that no matter what Microsoft does, ps3 fans will find a reason to hate on it. Did Microsoft abuse you when you were little? Its like they sit around waiting for any pro-360 headline, so that they can pounce on it. Seriously, are you really complaining because Microsoft is giving gamers another bundle?...

What are your disc trays usually made out of? Every disc tray in my house is made from plastic in some shape, form or fashion.

Blacktric3267d ago

Sony has bizillion of PS3 bundles but when it comes to Microsoft it makes them stupid isn't it? PS3 fanboyism reached an unbeliavble level these days. At launch to the early 2008's it was 360 which had most fanboys and now it's the PS3. I mean what is your problem? Is Sony or Microsoft giving you money for defending the system you like most like a blind idiot? What is the point? Yes 360 has a plastic disc tray. You were expecting it to be platinum? Stop with this stupid fanboyism acts cause you're making a fool out of yourselves...

Game13a13y3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

why do i keep getting blamed for being a fanboy when i just don't like the 360. come on, i've even spent money on it and planning to buy couple 360 games. how about u 360 people huh? did you ever plan on getting a ps3?

bottom line, i'm no fanboy, i'm just pointing out the weakness of the 360 comparing to the PS3, don't blame me, meh.

oh, and the disc tray of the PS3 is like my car, it just sucks the disc in, no tray, which makes it way better when i put my console vertically. and thats because i don't want my 360 to RROD, well, but what do i know, i'm just a fanboy, meh.

Blacktric3267d ago

If you have a Jasper 360, then there's no need to worry about getting RROD. Just install the games on HDD (you're even saying that you're going to buy COUPLE of games so space shouldn't be a problem). I've got 5 games and all of them installed to my 60 gig 360 HDD. Yes 360 has a poor built quality but software wise it has good games. BTW I already have a PS3. It was my first next gen console and I bought it just to play MGS 4. I love both of my consoles and all I'm saying is there's no need to defend your console blindly...

GWAVE3267d ago

@ blacktric

Care to elaborate on the "bazillions" of Sony bundles? If I recall, it was Microsoft, not Sony, who had a Modern Warfare 2 bundle, a Resident Evil 5 bundle, a "Holiday" bundle every year, a Halo 3 bundle, not to mention all the different SKUs for the 360 models....the list goes on.

Noctis Aftermath3267d ago

His comments are in no way blind fanboy comments, he has both consoles, and is simply stating his dislike of the poor build quality of the 360 compared to the ps3.
This is a fact, stating otherwise with comments like "if you got a jasper it won't RRoD" is just full of sh1t, jasper chip upgrade done little to solve the 360s hardware issues.

saint_john_paul_ii3267d ago

Sadly, im not a friend of gambling...

BLuKhaos3267d ago

How much will it cost, when will it be available, what regions will it be available for, and what stores will carry this bundle?I can't enter the site.

edgeofblade3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Geez, what's with all the hate? It's plain as day that you people are looking for any old wedge you can drive into 360. Meanwhile, I'm playing the game and enjoying it.

Looking at the content I'm getting on GTA IV episodes, I would be happy with just the Episodes disk. Seriously, GTA IV and Episodes is a great value no matter how you slice it (and I know you will try hard to make it look bad). A GTA console with the complete GTA IV collection? Sounds like a prime idea for a bundle to me.

@Game13a13y: I'll tell you why everyone thinks your a PS3 fanboy. You're complaining about the friggin disk tray and power brick. You're picking the most nitpicky things you can pick about the system. You are quite transparently a fanboy of the PS persuasion.

Let me see if I can do the same for the PS3: "I hate the capacitance switches on the PS3. My cats keep turning it on. And PSN doesn't let me redownload videos. I much rather prefer 360."

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Triella3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Seeing how Modern Warfare bundle is priced 399$ and Resident Evil bundle is over 500$ this bundle will probably cost around 450$.

who in their right mind would buy this ?

Ninji3267d ago

A faulty console with a year old game & some DLC. This bundle will just give the PS3 more sales. lmao

4point7BillionLoss3267d ago

The highest scoring game this Gen, can you only get the full version on xbox .... Sony has Lost $4.7 Billion by losing this exclusive franchise ....

Rocco Siffredi3267d ago

The only think that will give SOny more sales, is that MS has already banned 600k users from xbox live. And MS told that there will be 1 Million gamers banned.. wow 1 Million! I dont think these ppl would buy a xbox360 again this holiday.

4point7BillionLoss3267d ago

They're Pirates, They'd be happy to let them go to Sony where they will pirate PS3 games .... and guess what ... Sony will lose more money ... and sony developers will move to 360 development because Microsoft Stands up for them by banning pirates...

You're stupid if you can't see the logic in banning pirates ... unless you are one of them .... dumbass

Elven63267d ago

Pirates don't give back to Microsoft or the developers/publishers, the console producers make most of their money on software. If these pirates are bypassing the traditional form of payment to get things for free why let them go on?

I also have to question the sanity of someone who defends software pirates by putting some ridiculous conspiracy theory over it.

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