PC Gamers rage against Modern Warfare 2

PC gamers have let their frustrations out by submitting low scoring reviews and ratings across Gamespot, IGN and Amazon less than a day after launch. These ratings have collectively lowered the user scores significantly on the sites:

IGN user rating: 2.1 / 10
Gamespot user rating: 5.0 / 10
Amazon user rating: 1.5 / 5 Stars

PC gamers are angry at the removal of dedicated servers, mod support, kick support. They are angry at Infinity Ward and Activision for charging them $60.

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CrippleH3728d ago

According to this video

They have a right to be.

CernaML3728d ago

Holy crap I laughed so hard at 0:42.

Myst3728d ago

After seeing that I'd be mad to.

Also lol at that 0:42 mark, hilarity!

No FanS Land3728d ago

At first I wondered what you all meant by 0:42, when I saw this I laughed really hard. Very funny (well sort of) situation.

evrfighter3728d ago

If you want to know how pissed they are. I went on just ONE of a few major torrent sites and added together the downloads and leechers.

Just ONE of many torrent sites has 150k users downloading/downloaded MW2 already.

I hope this makes them kill the franchise for pc. Do it right or don't do it at all.

DiffusionE3728d ago

0.42 made my day...

This s**t got 9.5 on 9.5 for graphics? 10 for sound? 10 for Lasting Appeal? Editor's Choice? WTF?

hakis863728d ago

So what's gonna happen now - some hacker will make a hack or something so PC gamers can run their own servers? And then nobody will have to buy the PC version of MW2? That sure would sting IW.

Anyway this is just ridiculous, if every PC match online is like this then OMG.

II Necroplasm II3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Very understandable why PC gamers are mad.

CrippleH3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

This and the fact that it cost 10 dollars more for features taken away. It's like a turd smeared over their face by IW.

A lot of us experience this type of match making lag due to somebody lagging somebody else. Console owners that diss on anybody who's made about this issue. Do you like lagging or something?

I'm a console player also but nobody wants to lag like this.

Microsoft Xbox 3603728d ago

Wow that really sucks. Looks like the host is on dial up. lol

ReservoirDog3163728d ago

Funny and sad at the same time. Is there a word for that?

And 0:42...


hobokiller3728d ago

Wow, not trying to start a flame war, but xbox fans should really take note. After this I think IW will definitely think twice before messing with the PC community.

TheReaper423728d ago

reminds me of speed hacking in counterstrike version 1.3

toaster3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

OMG THAT IS BRILLIANT!!!!! The genius at IW who came up with that should get a f*cking medal. Oh, text chat support? Innovation on a higher level right there folks.

It's funny, on IGN the lowest score you can give a game is 0.0 and on GameSpot it's 1.0. Gamers who post on IGN are a way tougher crowd than GameSpot.

Briefcase Joe3728d ago

Fack you whale(Activision) and a fack you dolphin(Infinity Ward)!!!

reznik_zerosum3728d ago

in the next few years, the only thing PCs will be good for, will be for surfing porn and f*****g WOW !!
I guess too many people confused by read me files :))))
by Fuhrer...

Sub4Dis3728d ago

the PC gaming community is actually a lot bigger than you and the rest of the console only players seem to realize. they are also much more dedicated members. they stick with games for years and years, they create mods which are often adapted in sequels by developers, and they have thousands of ppl supplying dedicated servers for all sorts of games. the console community is so fickle. they latch on to whatever game is currently rolling on the hype train, they smother it with praise for 2-3 months, then they are on to the next game. and that's what these greedy publishers want. they want you to be obsessed with their 4 hour experience for weeks before launch, spend 60 dollars on it, then get sick of it and immediately be ready to open your wallets for the next title. there are still developers who realize this though (you're right about wow, blizzard is def one of them), and they will always do their best to keep the pc community happy. I personally divide my time between pc and consoles about evenly, but i prefer the pc community by a long shot. and i, for one, don't really see what's goin on as a bad thing. the rehashes churned out by IW have been lame since the first iteration of COD, and i'd rather just stick to games that are great. as long as valve, crytek, and blizzard are making great games for PC first, the pc community will be just fine. and with the advancements coming for developers with the introduction of directX 11, i think we're going to see a lot more developers looking to PC again.

the biggest problem a lot of the companies are having is that PC gamers standards are very high, and console gamers aren't. and it's harder to please us when our expectations bar is set by games like crysis. i really think direct x 11 is going to help out a lot with that.

...but then again, who knows. the market does seem to be ever more dominated by ignorant gamers who's last PC experience was Wolf 3d and think that trash talking the largest gaming community without knowing a thing about it is acceptable. and if more and more ppl ignorantly champion things like DLC and paying increasing prices for inferior products, maybe it will be the slow death of the PC gamer.

DigitalAnalog3728d ago

Something I never knew existed came out of my nose after watching this video........

mastiffchild3728d ago

@sub-Mate, I agree that there's a LOT of ihnorance among some console gamers these days. Personally I game less on PC now than I used to for a variety of reasons but totally dupport the core PC gamer over MW2 and what they've pulled. They KNEW most console gamers would say "well, suck it up we get treated like that ALL the time!" instead of saying "wow, WHY do we get treated like that ALL the time?" and sticking it to the greedy gits.

IW and Acti just proved that the thought of a whole, inclusive gaming community is hogwash right now and they took all they wanted aas a result. If they don't make on it they don't want you doing it and the tech issues go WAY beyond the crap console port PC got, trust me.

Thing is, and there's some truth to ths sadly, some PC gamers bring this upon themselves wth console gamers by looking down their noses which is just as bad as console gamers being ignorant, imo. Both sets of gamers need to drop the differences as there are far more SIMILARITIES. We all GAMERS FFS! Why can't we just stand together for better treatment on all platforms? Console gamers AND PC hamers should have said we aren't buying it til EVERYONE gets dedicated servers etc. We SHOULD have looked after each other. How bad does it have ro get before we do this? Will there be no PC gaming as we know it? Certainly, imo, the big devs and pubn s are trying to sqyeeza PC gamers real hard these days forgetting where they themselves came from and hoping the console gamer continues not to care-it's time we all looked out for each other.

Sod Acti and IW. Proud not to have bought this game which, to me, is a symbol of how much in thrall to the industry most gamers are -and at the expense of themselves and other gamers everywhere. Stand up for ourselves-it's what we need to learn to do. As it stands standards are going to nosedive.

Christopher3728d ago

But, honestly, people still buy it. Only way they'll listen is if people don't buy it, even for the console. If only people buy it for the console, all they'll do is get rid of the PC version and have the lesser features of the console to deal with in the future.

pangitkqb3728d ago

Isn't it obvious why I'm not buying the game?

sikbeta3728d ago

PC community don't support IW/MW or Activision and then they realise how stupid they were when they f*cked a whole gaming community

dkgshiz3728d ago

I feel sorry for any PC owners who bought this. Im glad I own it on the PS3. Thats some major lag on the PC version.

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MrJack3728d ago

The PC version is still the best out there, so will you guys quit whining, P2P hasn't effected it's popularity on consoles.

roybatty3728d ago

You're in KIDDIELAND here. The kiddies will disagree all night in the face of facts. Mainly out of rage of not having a decent PC.

mauleriscool3728d ago

If console players could see how much better dedicated server are vs P2P then they would ask for them as well.

When I play cod on either console, each map is different. It's all about whos host. When I'm host all my shots register pretty quickly. Off host, the hitboxes are totally garbage and nothing registers correctly.

Lets say you hit somebody with the first bullet from your gun, it will register after you shoot up to 5 bullets later. On dedicated servers it registers before you even get another shot off.

Simon_Brezhnev3728d ago

@ mauleriscool

most PS3 exclusives have dedicated servers so we know the benefit of it

narked3728d ago

ye it may be better but it's not a good product. so refrain from buying and wait for bfbc2 :D

Soldierone3728d ago

Truth be had a majority of PS3 exclusives have dedicated servers...Alot of other games have tried it too. If im not mistaken Unreal Tournement 3 took everything from PC and threw it at PS3. Mods, dedicated servers, mouse and keyboard, etc... and people still went to their console ways.

Truth be had everyone has fun in their own ways...

dkgshiz3728d ago

No its not. You would like to think that wouldn't you?

Pandamobile3728d ago

Not really. The PC version is a direct port of the 360 version with mouse support, and uncompressed textures. That's about it...

Lich1203727d ago

As a side note, P2P means peer-to-peer which is not what the game uses. It still uses a client/sever architecture, just one of the clients also acts as the server. What they did get rid of is the option for dedicated servers... and that's bullsh*t.

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Syronicus3728d ago

PC Gamers For The WHINE... Like, cheese and whine... Good gravy, so much hate for a game that the PC community is going to pirate anyway. They made the game like this to combat the piracy so blame the pirates in your own community.

mastiffchild3728d ago

Syronicus-No they didn't. MORE people will pirate it now. The fact is they forgot what the PC crowd did for them and shafted them knowing most console gamers are quite happy taking it up the rear from the industry as they don't know any better. Had we, mainly, console gamers stuck up with PC gamers maybe we'd ALL be getting dedicated servers for MW2 without price hikes.

Sadly, we need to grow up for that kind of action to happen, let alone work. You think Acti care any more about console gamers? They only prefer consoles because gamers there don't even know what rights they should have half the time. Christ! Without us they make NO money and we should have stopped them pushing us around-or do you like paying more for less and prefer P2P ro dedicated servers?

Syronicus3728d ago

Never said that Activision cares about the console gamers. What they do care about is money and the console gamers buy their games in droves. almost 14 million copies of COD4 sold on consoles and not even 10 percent of the same sales were sold on PC. If you, the mighty PC community would step up and buy the games maybe they would favor you. They favor the money maker crowd, not the PC community that would rather pirate the copies than actually spend a little money for a legit copy and at the same time show Activision that your community is worth keeping happy because you add a greater level of revenue to the bottom line.

Ilikegames763728d ago

really very low scores.o_O

Alvadr3728d ago

Haha, silly PC gamers. Shoulnt play pirate games then should you

II Necroplasm II3728d ago

I think you are right. IW did this on purpose.

Viso Games3728d ago

Because the 1.5m pirated copies downloaded for the 360 in the past 3 weeks mean nothing, right?

Because the fact that the 360 edition leaked almost a month before release whereas the PC version has only been available for a few days is totally unimportant, yes?