Modern Warfare 2 PS3 update is live

From PS3 Attitude: "fourzerotwo wasn't lying when he said that the trophy fix was going to be released ASAP. When you start up MW2, you will be prompted to download version 1.02."

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swiftshot933722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

"on Friday a fix for the party system will be released, and then all will be right in the world once again."

Sweet, already downloaded, it was super fast.

Edit: @ below

I got both versions too, I have to share the 360 one though so the PS3 version is really important to me. I hope everything is fixed for everyone though.

Also, just came back from first trying multiplayer. No doubt about it, this the best multiplayer Ive played this generation.

iron_sheik3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

but that was fast. Now release a patch for the x360 version

The SP was a total letdown(uncharted 2 effect maybe)
But the MP is great

LukaX233722d ago

Sweet! That's the first thing I'm going to do right after I beat the story on Vet.

Syronicus3722d ago

Agreed and bubbles to ya. This is the most fun I have had on MP since Modern Warfare and Uncharted 2. Quite easily the best game this year for me since I absolutely love modern weapons. This game is a blast.

Sitris3722d ago

So when i get it next week all will be good :) Excellent, can't wait.

PSN ID: Sitris

darkequitus3722d ago

Props for the fast response.

WildArmed3722d ago

I know right? For the lack of CoD4 support, i was surprised to see them jump to it for MW2.

iron_sheik3722d ago

now where is the "freeze" fix for the x360 version

x360 version needs a fix too for act 3.I think IW will release it soon
anyway good job

maniacf403722d ago

this is what happens when crappy companies like activision have control over good developers like infinity ward. they rush them to get the game out to sell then the developer has to work even harder to fix the issues.

YLOD Service Tech3722d ago

The only that fails is the PS3.

iron_sheik3722d ago

stupid kid trolls all ps3 threads
grow up facker

PeptoBismol3722d ago

54 percent is pretty lame

but never play percentages.

I got the YLOD on my launch 60 GB PS3 today (which is <1 percent chance).

it sucks

WildArmed3722d ago

I know the feeling Pepto.
Got YLOD on my 60gb this Aug :(
Got a 60gb back in 4 days but it wasnt the same one so the backup was quite screwed up =/
I was like.. dmn it WHY ME..
Then i realised both my wii n 360 had already crapped out on me atleast once.
So.. i blame 'next'-gen gaming lol.
ps2/psx/n64 were so much more realiable.. all of mine still work from launch date

PeptoBismol3722d ago

yea, i've been gaming for 18 years and this is definitely a first for me.

ZBlacktt3722d ago

and your spare account here is fail too?

garos823722d ago

the only thing that fails is your mom

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The story is too old to be commented.