Nintendo Dpad: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex Review

"Overall, the game is just what you would expect from an HD game like Call of Duty 4 being ported to Wii. Everything is there, from the great multiplayer and single player modes, to Wii specific controls that really trump those found on other consoles. The only real bad part is that the graphics needed a major step down for the port, and we would have liked WiiSpeak support for those who prefer that, though it is not necessary. After playing the game for as much as we did, we really had to wonder what Treyarch could do on Wii with even half the resources and time a developer like Infinity Ward had for their games."

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Product3725d ago

Man, the multiplayer is so good in this title. Definite buy for who ever wants the best multiplayer fps on Wii. Treyarch did a good job, to bad about the lousy marketing by Activision though.

kunit22c3725d ago

Very true! I havn't had lag in a single match! Its great! but hey Product you should add me on Modern warfare Wii.
331217054658, whats yours??

mastiffchild3725d ago

I'm genuinely sorry that my hard line on not buying anything made or published by Acti is stopping me joining you guys. I thought WaW on Wii was a good effort and I enjoyed it more than I did on the HD consoles if I'm honest.

Thing is I'm also VERY used to proper sized games on COD4 and I imagine other people who've played a lot on PC/PS360 might feel the same-4V4 was the very worst thing about WaW and while 5's is better it's still going to feel a little weird when you're used to nearly double that isn't it?

Anyway, as I said, Id love to be playing with you guys as I LOVE a good Wii shooter(why no Metroid MP Ninty, why? You manage it for Hunters on DS but don't make Retro sort it out for the Wii?Madness!)and if I become a sly theif I will-or if Activision stop being so damned evil. Also I will pray for your souls after you dancing with the gaming devil and all!

Good for Treyarch looking after Wii gamers,mind, and it's very sd IW couldn't do it themselves as at the time this would have been a GREAT Wii game and we shouldn't have had to wait til I fell out with Acti.

Shnazzyone3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I'm happy to see that waiting for this title wasn't an disappointmentI imagine this would be a solid 9-10 if it came out at the same time as the original. I fear the title is losing most of it's points for a few jaggies and the age of the source material.

Product3725d ago

I wouldn't go that far. The biggest problem with the game graphics wise is that the game was made with hd in mind. Meaning textures have to come down due to how complex the maps are. I mean some stages you can tell put massive strain on the hardware. Makes me wish Treyarch could do a ground up Wii CoD...

Gr813725d ago

I'm feeling that site lately. I enjoyed Conduits MP, I'm on the fence with this game, but I might just take the plunge.

Product3725d ago

If your on the fence I recommend you rent it first.

Gr813725d ago

Then I'm sold. Because that games online was crack for a while.

kunit22c3725d ago

this games online is way better than the conduit's, sorry but it is, I havn't had any lag yet! Unlike the Conduit.

EvilTwin3725d ago

The only thing that kept me from pulling the trigger on this one were the controls. IGN mentioned some framerate and aiming problems:

But they're the only ones I've seen mention this problem. I think Bozon might be letting his HVS fanboyism get in the way.

If the controls are spot on, and if this has the best online (it usually takes me 5 minutes to hook up to Conduit, and then I may spawn outside the map or in a wall), then I'm sold.

Product3725d ago

There is no framerate issues in multiplayer and the controls are just as customizable as The Conduit. Framerate could drop in single player, but personally I didn't see any.

Bozon's getting some flak for what he said from people in forums who have already played the game.

EvilTwin3725d ago

Yeah, I've seen a few comments basically saying "WTF, Boz?"

I'm watching some online matches on youtube. I think the turning speed may be a hair slower in COD, but if that's adjustable, it's probably just the person playing the game.

Plus, COD has traditionally rewarded players for precise aiming through gun sights/scope, and the turning on that is bound to be slower than free aiming with a sub-machine gun.

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3725d ago
EvilTwin3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Well...Bozon must be playing a different game than everyone else.

I just am not finding the problems he did with control. I move the remote, the gun moves. I shrink the bounding box, aiming tightens up.

And all of the stuff Conduit (which I loved) failed at -- setting up quick matches, being as lag free as possible, variety of maps, invulnerability hacks -- COD4 does, yet gets a lower rating. Nuts, Boz. Nuts.