9 Diseases That PWN H1N1- ResumePlay

ResumePlay's Brandy Nevils writes: "In lieu of my recent battle with the old H1N1, I have decided to compile a list of deadly viruses that could blow the swine flu off of this planet. I would like to see the CDC deal with any of these."

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NathanGra4712d ago

Haha, very nice list. Fun read.

Baross20254712d ago

Crazed zombie viruses are all the rage

mau644712d ago

What an awesome list... Nice job

CheatsMcGee4712d ago

Maybe it's because I'm biased to Bioware games and love me some Neverwinter Nights...but I gotta go with the wailing plague here. It was down right devious.

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The story is too old to be commented.