N-Europe: Monster Hunter 3 Hands-On

Grabbing one of the special Monster Hunter branded Classic Controllers alongside three other players at Eurogamer Expo last week, N-Europe readied themselves for whatever the title's huge and beautiful world had to offer.

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EvilTwin3721d ago

"I readied myself for whatever the title's huge and beautiful world had to offer. And that's when the realisation began - the trailers had been lying to me.

"The game's world is undoubtedly huge - the small portion I played in is but a fraction of the overall map, but I could see for what looked like miles towards a distant horizon, where a ginormous herd of dinosaur-looking beasties were on the move. Brilliant, except to get there, you have to go through several loading screens first. The map is carved up into small environments, and the paths you can actually take through it are extremely limited.

"When playing with others you'll see them suddenly vanish in front of you as they leave the section of the map you're in. Suddenly you realise that the herd of dino beasties you just saw in the distance weren't in-game animals you can run up to, but just an unreachable background detail. A nice background detail, but gone is the illusion of a truly open-plan world."
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Well that's a big let down.