A look inside the red New Super Mario Bros Wii case

New Super Mario Bros Wii comes in very cool red Amaray case, not only that but the entire sleeve is red instead of the usual Wii white. It'll no doubt stand out on shelves. Take a look inside the Australian case!

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Rmagnus3727d ago

can't wait for my copy, last game for my wii this year before SMG2, Sin & punishment 2, NMH2 & other M next year. 2009 has been amazing for gamers and 2010 looks to be even better! Maybe despite all the fanboys this is the golden age for gaming?

hatchimatchi3727d ago

i wouldn't say it's the golden age of gaming (i think the snes/genesis era was) but there are alot of quality titles out for all the platforms. You're right about the fanboys though. They need to go away.

Rmagnus3726d ago

but this gen is not over yet and so far it has been pretty darn crazy for me, started off with Heavenly sword, folklore & lair, quickly changed to uncharted 1,MGS4 and ratchet and clank, fast forward to infamous and killzone 2 than suprises like Batman AA, Demon Soul, Bioshock, Dragon Age, Burntout paradise, Deadspace, NGS1 & 2, Prince of Persia, VC, Blazeblue and SF4. Thats just for my ps3 without psn games like flower, Wipeout HD etc

Wii I am quite new to the system so not much games but already own NMH, Mario kart, SSBB, Little King's story, HOTD Overkill, Muramasa Demon Blade, Bloom box party, Wii resort, SMG,Super Mario bros Wii and Super paper mario.

I honesty believe when we are finish with this gen we might be amazed at how many great games there are, I mean next year, sin and punishment 2, other M, God of war 3, FF13, GT5, NMH2... its gonna be CRAZY

amolang3727d ago

I am not a wii gamer, but I have to say that that is an awesome case. probably one of the top cases I have EVER seen. its just so... vibrant! really nice choice nintendo.

ReBurn3726d ago

This game is going to be so much fun! While my "hardcore" buddies are busy with their war and killing I'm going old school. It doesn't take bullets and blood to have a good time.

3726d ago
DigitalAnalog3726d ago

Too bad my funding is all on AC II, AC PSP and GOW collection.



-End statement

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