Gameplanet: Modern Warfare 2 PC Review

Gameplanet writes: "Modern Warfare 2 for PC is a console-focused game that fails to reach the lofty standards set by its predecessor. Matchmaking is as woeful as you would expect, and the campaign mode is too short and plays like it was designed by a committee. The Special Ops mode fails to lift the uniform score of this game to anything worthy of remembrance."

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Pandamobile3725d ago

I'm glad the PC reviewers don't fall for Activision's sh1t.

snipermk03725d ago

I'm with ya buddy. Tried out the game from a friends place who got it for the PC and it is laggy as hell !!!

Pandamobile3725d ago

Same. I played a couple games at my buddy's house and the lowest ping I had was 120 ms. One game was up to 165 and was pretty unplayable.

nycredude3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Although I played the Ps3 version of this game I completely agree with this pc review. This game is 110% complete overhyped BS!! 5 hour campaign with pretty much no story, last gen tech and graphics, gimped multiplayer. Seriously it so damn obviously all the reviewers are drinking activision coolaid! WTF! It IS a good game and IMO it probably deserves an 8-8.5 but damn despite all the explosions I got bored as hell and halfway through i was thinking about trading it in already. The broken online just cemented my decision. This will be the last COD game I ever purchase.

BTW I know I will get crap from n4g members for this but This game can't hold a candle to Killzone 2, let alone Uncharted 2. If this game ends up averaging the same as Uncharted 2 then it's a slap in the face to Naughtydog, who in less time created a way more polished game that looks and feels like a whole generation leap compared to this crap! MW2 has got no soul, no charm. All brauns and no brains!

MajestieBeast3725d ago

wow 120ms on a pc game thats insane.

sbstncstllo3725d ago

I know, I was getting 170ms earlier with a 12Mbps connection.

theEnemy3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I've been playing mainly with around 100ms ping ang it was great.


edwineverready3725d ago

I respect the pc community for telling the truth and not just accepting mediocracy and lazy devs. Not even talking about how they got shafted on the whole p2p thing.

Pandamobile3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I'm sure the PC Gamer magazines will sh1t a brick. I doubt PC Gamer US will give it higher than a 70.

-DeathWraith-3725d ago

I'm glad to see reviewers giving this game the real score it deserves, and having guts not to fall in to its hype!

Digitaldude3725d ago

What the hell. This reviewer disses the PC version but also states neutral spects.

The campaign storyline borders on incomprehensibility.Audio is often inappropriate and intrusive. Shock value of airport scene questionable. Most of the firefights are too busy and cheap deaths abound. It's too expensive.

All that stuffs on the console as well but it didnt add that in the console review.

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The story is too old to be commented.