New Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots in Famitsu Last week, scans from Weekly Shonen Jump popped up and everyone was introduced to Hope's summon, Alexander, and the fact that the series staple chocobo can be ridden whilst journeying Pulse. The week prior to that, scans from Weekly Shonen Jump showed up depicting the character growth system, Crystarium.

Now the time has come, as per usual, for Famitsu to run a full, detailed feature.

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zerocrossing3728d ago

the more i see of this game the more i want it, it should be great Square Enix hasent let us down with a FF game yet (wel maybe FF-X-2) but im certain FF-XIII will be awesome!.

dimitry213728d ago

"The concept for Alexander is a ‘tactical commander’. He has an extreme amount of destructive power in just one attack. You gain summons by fighting them and having them accept you. They are so strong that you won’t win if you fight them normally, and you have to make actions that will make the summon accept you. Hope holds onto Alexander’s head and gives orders."

"Odin’s concept is a ‘multi-attacker’, Shiva is a ‘rapid blaster’, and Brunhilde is a ‘gadget master’."

"Crystalium in comparison to the Sphere Grid is different since you can up and down [as well as side to side] three-dimensionally. As you gain abilities other abilities will open up like a tree."

"There are no level-ups using exp."

"Crystalium will be able to slowly open up the limitations found in each Role."

"How much Crystal you can get will depend on the Crystalium level, the higher the level the more you can get."

"How many abilities and status up’s you can get are limited by the level."

"The Crystalium level will only raise as the story progresses."

"If the path on the Crystalium diverges you can go back to the point before the divergence."

"When you get to a certain point in the story you’ll be able to ride chocobos. If you run into enemies you’ll lose the chocobo’s HP, but if you don’t you can ride them for as long as you like. The chocobos on Cocoon and Pulse look different. The ones on Pulse are more wild looking and have long sideburns."

"Snow’s weapon is the symbol on his coat. If you change his arm band the symbol will change and he will become stronger. It’s a government technology. By using that coat he can become stronger than an ordinary man."

"You can change the weather on Cocoon by using weather control devices."

"There are monsters you can eat"