GameSpy: The 10 Biggest Videogame Explosions......and how they failed to settle minor disputes

Michael Bay isn't the first person to tack on needless explosions. The videogame industry has been doing this for decades. This is because nearly every videogame needs there to be Really Bad Things done by some Really Bad Guy. Sometimes this bad guy will have a rich backstory, complete with origins and reasons for their hatred of the main character. Sometimes this bad guy is just an unexplainable dick. To convey the magnitude of this dickiness, imagine you're in line at the post office. The old lady in front of you insists on paying for 34 postage stamps in pennies. What's your reaction? If you're like the following video villains, you'd probably demolish the post office building and assassinate the postmaster general. That seems to be the modus overkillus for the following.

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