Vooks: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex Edition (Wii) Impressions

Vooks writes: When it was announced and the initial screens were revealed the Reflex Edition on Call of Duty 4 was mocked across the internet. Everyone thought it was going to be a quick cash in on the game and a affront to Wii owners but giving them the "second hand" game instead of an iteration of Modern Warfare 2. However, we've had some time with the game today and tried out a few missions and some online and are happy to report that it's not actually that bad- in fact, it's quite good.

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darkequitus3728d ago

Cannot remember playing this level on the 360 or PC. From the looks of it, Treyach has done a pretty good some with this rendition considering the limitations of the platform.

EvilTwin3727d ago

I saw this yesterday. The most important thing are the controls, and this quote -- "In fact, due to the Wii Remote controls, the game works even better and beats even The Conduit’s controls." -- is in agreements with other reviews I've read. Except for IGN's first take: