PS Blog: God of War Collection – Trophy Speed Run

PS Blog writes: "With the launch of God of War Collection only a week away (Nov. 17th!), we thought we would give you a leg up on earning one of the more difficult trophies in the game, '15 Min Fight Scene.' To earn this gold trophy, you have to battle your way to the Loom Chamber in God of War II in under 10 minutes. We got Stephen Peterson, Lead QA Tester on God of War II and a Camera Designer on God of War III, to do a speed run while giving out as many tips as he can. After playing the game a hundred or so times as a tester, he makes it look easy."

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Dark-Angel093726d ago

It actually does look doable.

WildArmed3726d ago

after seeing him.. it looks VERRY Do-able..
5mins instead of 15... -.-
Man.. I wanna see what time I get. Havnt played GoWII

Max Power3726d ago

how to get the combos around 500, very informative video, especially the vortex attack.

WildArmed3726d ago

aye.. there was a bug in the first GoW where you could get inf combo as long as you kept attacking. i wonder if its gonna be in there still.
I remember hitting a wall or somthing n my combo rate would fly up non-stop.

CryWolf3726d ago

God Of War Collection will be the best game of 2009 for the PS3 game console Awesome!.