Sony giving away another 10,000 free PS3s

"SYDNEY, NSW: Sony Australia has this morning announced an extension of its twice-successful free-PS3 promotion, with the company releasing a further 10,000 free PlayStation 3s with the purchase of selected Bravia LCD TVs."

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RuPaul3726d ago

I guess if you can't sell them you might as well give them away! Sony is FULL OF FAIL!

Cyrax_873725d ago

^ selling over a million PS3s in 3 weeks is "not selling"?

4point7BillionLoss3725d ago

The losses are astronomical ....

3725d ago
OmarJA3725d ago

Theses retards right on time...

Meh don't bother responding to these kids they got no games to play all they do is troll 24 hours & desperately trying to justify their purchase & their Live subscription.

OmarJA3725d ago

Another account loser? *Sigh* & who's crying? Sony is offering a great deal but i think your too retarded to realize that...

So how's Flopza 2.5 sales?

PopEmUp3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

What a Facking looser

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360CommunityAbovePS33725d ago

LOL nobody want to buy PS3s anymore !!!

3725d ago
4point7BillionLoss3725d ago

ALL droids are losers.... all 4.7 billion of you


3725d ago
3725d ago
4point7BillionLoss3725d ago

RROD isn't as bad as sony's crappy PS3 which they're giving awway for free now ...

gta_cb3725d ago

nice none offensive comment... not.

you should also think before you speak (or type) some people have had traumatic experiences in life concerning this subject, and im sure if any are on n4g they dont need people like you saying sh!t like that.

reported - offensive.

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TheBest3725d ago

Nice try to get bubbles/agrees ...

3725d ago
Lifendz3725d ago

My thoughts exactly. Bubbles to you sir.

3725d ago
sikbeta3725d ago

Free xbox 360 is better, knowing it'll get RROD/E74/DRE/overheat Hdmi you save the money on the first to pay the second lol

DaTruth3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Bye bye to you. You will be the next one joining up with a new account a day after you get banned(tomorrow).

Selling a $5000 Bravia with a free PS3 will not lose them money! Oh this is AU, sorry $10000!

mint royale3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

you are the only one who deserves to be banned for their comments in this thread. And no doubt you too will be back when you with another account the next day. Sad.

Richdad3725d ago

"JUst get me one will you", not only my friends but my brothers and cousin even have PS3.

Damn none of the TVs in the list are within my approach. Damn get me one for free SOny. I will advertise your brand.

Just get me one. Oh god I cant bear the pain.

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they did this the first time because the demand was there and they knew they'll make money out of it.

It's a good thing not a bad thing dumbass

ThePostalDudeX3725d ago

If anybody is looking at buying a TV there can be no better time IMO, A free console with an HDTV is a pretty sweet deal if your lucky enough to win the system.

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The story is too old to be commented.