Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2 and more this Thursday New details/footage will be shown for Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, Dante's Inferno and Command and Conquer 4 this Thursday.

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RuPaul3723d ago

I can't wait for these XBox Xclusives! Alan Wake is looking better the any ps3 exclusive in graphics and gameplay.

Mass Effect is by far the best RPGs this gen.

ExgamerLegends23723d ago

You can't troll harder than that? Are you knew to this or something?

Enate3723d ago

Yea Mass Effect is so.... XBOX360 exclusive that I'm playing it on my PC :)

Alan Wake3723d ago

yeah same like me i play ps3 exclusive on my psp hehehehheheh

just like resistance & killzone & motorstorm & ratchet and clank and more Lolz

Alan Wake3723d ago

Xbox 360 + PC = Microsoft

same PS3 + PSP = Sony

alaa3723d ago

Can't wait to see new footage.

bigrudowsky3723d ago

Same here man, i want to see some day time footage thought. I think this is going to be an amazing game.

alaa3723d ago

Yeah for sure, day footage will be nice.

bigrudowsky3723d ago

bubble up buddy... did fanboys strike lol

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