IGN Bad Company 2 beta key giveaway

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3 Beta on FilePlanet

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DasBunker3726d ago

i got mine a couple of minutes ago.. cant wait..

BF is my favorite military FPS XD

cronaldo73726d ago

Hope you enjoy it mate.

Raf1k13726d ago

Any chance someone could get me one? Pretty please?... :D

WildArmed3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )


Got a code!
man I cant repay you enough!
:) Will love to play online with ya

I guess I wont have to buy MW2 for awhile :)

evrfighter3726d ago

hmmm guess I'll put my fileplnaet account to good use. At least I'll have something to keep me away from looking at MW2 until BC2 beta hits pc.

PixlSheX3726d ago

Please!!! "available to users in
North America only." I want one! T_T

Razmossis3726d ago

Could someone please get a code for me? Pretty please?

I wish you could hear how totally sweet and sincere I'm being right now, pwetty pwease!?

My PSN is Razmossis

Hellsvacancy3726d ago

"Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta is available to users in
North America only" man that sucks

IF any1 could b kind enough 2go outta there way and throw me a code id b forever grateful


Cwalat3726d ago

Only north america =(

If someone is nice enough, could you possibly get another key and send it to me?

DarkMantrid3726d ago

Why would they do this to me?! Be kind to your fellow Swedes for gods sake!

Dutch Boogie3726d ago

can someone please get me a code. this is my most anticipated game. also i will trade someone for a GOW3 demo code.

Redlogic3726d ago

I'm in!! can't wait to blow up some buildings....this game is gonna kill MW2

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CrippleH3726d ago

Get it now before it's too late and it's instant when you have an account.

saint_john_paul_ii3726d ago

awesome i got the key, but are we able to download the beta today even if the servers are down?

WildArmed3726d ago

you cannot download the beta until its up.
I dont think they have put the beta up yet. but i may be wrong

CrippleH3726d ago

No until the servers are up. For now the code is invalid.

I'm laughing at the report of this article. This is not a contest at all. You get the code instantly.

payday3726d ago

got me a key, frig yes !

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The story is too old to be commented.