MEGamers DWGE: Interview with Paul Holman, VP Research and Development, SCEE

MEGamers writes: "Paul Holman, VP of Research and Development, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe was at the Dubai World Game Expo and we caught up with him to talk about game development in the region.

Q: Paul, tell us about yourself and what you do at Sony.

A: The way we split up the world at Sony, is that we have the Japanese side, the Americas and then EMEA which covers everything else. Within our company, we have sales and marketing, we have our worldwide studios which create game titles and then my side of the business which is more RnD, which means working with any game developers whether it's our own developers or someone else, to get the best of our platform. That's really important as only 25% of our games come from our own studios, the rest come from the creative energies of everyone else."

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