One Word Review: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3 Informer)

"We're going to put our normal disclaimer right up front because we know this one is going to be controversial: This is a light-hearted take on video game reviews. If you're looking for an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of a game, this is not it. If you're in a humorous mood and enjoy flame-tastic message board discussions, make yourself at home.

It is a parody. It is not meant to adequately summarize the merits of a game or how well it plays. What it serves to do is excite discussion and help players understand the type of the game they're buying. This review tries to capture -- in one-word -- the essence of a hot new game. Think of it as word association. It's essentially the first word that comes to mind when thinking about that game.

Alright, now onto our review of Modern Warfare 2, Activision's latest incarnation of the Call of Duty franchise, and arguably the biggest release of November 2009."

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clinker3726d ago

I am one of the few who refused to get on board the hype train for this game. It's a competent shooter, but I can't believe Activision was planning to charge $10 more than the standard price in the UK for what is essentially a 4-hour long single player campaign.

Dutch Boogie3726d ago

you are not alone. I have decided to wait until the price is at least 20% cheaper here in Australia before i purchase it. 5hrs for single player just isn't worth it.

edwineverready3726d ago

If you buy you make lazy devs. Buying bfbc2 at least they put new online modes and upgraded the graphics.

Chris3993726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

But I'm a JRPG whore, with a added taste for 3rd person action/ horror games.

So no real surprise there :P

Oh, and did everyone know that a portion (or majority, we'll never know) of reviewers were put up in furnished, paid for suites, with HD t.v.s and all sorts of bells and whistles while they played the game? Paid for by Activision, of course. Joystiq, at least, had the sense to post a disclaiming divulging the above at the top of their review.

This industry is laughable. Run by fanboys and marketing dollars.

I'm not saying that this game isn't good, just that you can't really trust the media as to whether or not it's as good as they say.

morganfell3726d ago

Not on the train for this either. There are much better forms of 'transportation'.

Saaking3726d ago

I must applaud this review and the reviewer. This is what ALL reviewers should do. Ignore the hype, ignore the system that it's on and rate it on it's own merits. No comparing to games in completely different genres, just on it's own. Once again, totally agree.

DonCorneo3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

a lot of people liked cod4 that's why they're hype for this one; people know what they are getting.

is it the best game this gen? no. the hype is the same as halo 3's.

HDgamer3726d ago

I already bought the game, didn't shell out like a moron for the $150 edition that includes plastic toy goggles. The single player is ok, I did like shooting the innocent people and playing through the Ice level.

Greywulf3726d ago

Unfortunately its getting touted as the best game this gen/year at least based on being COD4 1.5, and that alone. Its GTA4 all over again, a TON of hype with little substance outside of the historic gameplay of the previous version.

They didn't even quality control check the PS3 version before releasing it with a busted party system and broken trophies.

BRG90003726d ago

Have you read his one-word review of Uncharted 2? The word is:


My point is that he's a dumbass, haha. These are clearly not intended to be taken seriously as reviews.

maniacmayhem3726d ago

Missing out on a great game and all around the best fun you can have in years on a console.

But no loss, i'm sure there are millions of others who have jumped on the train and rightfully so. The game is magnificent and solid as a rock.

Couldn't help notice a lot of PS3 die hards above me...hmmmmm interesting.

IzKyD13313726d ago

I think all the complaints about the campaign are unjustified. Sure, it's ridiculously short, but how many days are you going to spend on the multiplayer? I spent 21 days (504 hours) of my life playing COD4 online. Was it worth the 60 bucks? Hell [email protected] yes

HDgamer3726d ago

There's a trick to their stupid update, Update the game, then you must have a copy of the save on your ps3. Delete the update then start up the game and update it then you get trophies

Greywulf3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Other people who have had nothing but DLC this year as good gaming, well.. dont. Not saying any names. But for them, its the biggest game of the entire year.

But people trying to pretend I'm missing out on some megaton of a game are joking themselves. Controversial levels? What am I, 5? I've been killing hordes of innocent people since Grand Theft auto. A snowmobile race... co-op of an army shooter? Im sure MW2 will be a fun ride, but its one that I already know the feel of.

evrfighter3726d ago

chalk another one for not buying this one.

Online sounds like a pub scrub fest. Competitive play is non-existant when one person will have 0 ping.

bjornbear3726d ago

I'm also waiting for the price to drop. This game isn't worth day 1 for me.

Got many other games to invest on before this one:

Batman AA, Red Faction:Guerrilla, Res Evil 5 (waiting on directors cut), Blaz Blue, Valkyria Chronicles...and the list goes on........

swingingape3725d ago

I smiled when a friend said they were going to get the night vision goggles version. Great way to blow your wad buddy. Halo helmet anyone?

maniacmayhem3724d ago

A patch of Modern Warfare? Funny how little you truly know about this game. Everything has been approved upon 10 folds. Everything that made CoD4 great has been expanded and turned into something even better.

Again you abuse the "triple A" word which seems to come out of your mouth in every post. MW2 is a far bigger Triple A title than anything excluuuuuuusive to come out on PS3 this far.

Funny, I wonder if MW2 was a Sony exclusive would you be screaming the same been there done that thing...I doubt it. I bet you would climb up on your Sony High Horse and proclaim this game the "TRIPLE AAA EXCLUUUUUUUUUSIVE" second coming of christ, system seller. Who knows eh?

And what other choices do you have in this genre?
Resistance 2? FAIL!
KillZone 2? FAIL!

Give MW2 a chance homie, don't hate, congratulate....don't down it, crown it and other cool hip urban sayings you get the idea.


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KionicWarlord2223726d ago

lol...I wasn't expecting one word .

Henry Cain3726d ago

I bought the game last night and its pretty good. There is not a lot to it. Just a face pace shooter. Im certain Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be a better FPS. I still think KZ2 is better as well.

Surfman3726d ago

good game, but the campaing is way too short. Probably not the GOTY that everyone (360boys at least) thought it would be. Uncharted 2 is the best game this year and this generation.

Digitaldude3726d ago

Overhyped is the best word that sums up the game.
360 owners buy it as well its the best thing out.
Ps3 owners have choice. Not a fanboy statement, its true.
however its alot more even next year.

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