Modern Warfare 2 dividing communities

iTWire writes: "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has hit the shelves worldwide, but the battle lines are drawn beyond the video-game screen.

iTWire colleague Matthew Lentini has posted his first impressions of the newly released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 . And a it very much looks like a game that lives up to original games scope and poignancy.

That will be great for some, and the game is sure to sell well into the millions, boosted by building hype and a multiplatform release across PC, PS3 and Xbox 360."

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corywebb933730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

All fanboyism aside whenever your a xbox 360 owner or ps3 owner

we can all agree on one thing

Pc users please stop crying let uss enjoy this game nobody is forcing you to buy this go back to playing world off warcraft

Cwalat3730d ago

I don't give a F**K if you're a ps3 fanboy or 360 fanboy.

If someone entitled to a saying it's the supporting PC fans that got shafted from Activison and Infity Ward. All the support the gave Infinity Ward all these years and to get tricked like that... i really hope the torrent figures rise.

evrfighter3730d ago

pc gamers don't give 2 sh*ts about you console gamers. Get over yourself.

akaFullMetal3729d ago

why does it seem that only 360 fanboys don't see the problem here? am I right?

Saaking3729d ago

PC gamers made COD what it is today. They have the right to complain when they get ripped off. It's the same thing Xbox 360 owners should do. Complain about lack of first party, complain about hardware failure, complain about overpriced accessories. Perhaps it won't do anything, but maybe it will. It won't hurt you, it can only help you.

AAACE53729d ago

But PC games get pirated as hell! It was only a matter of time before developers started to shift their primary focus away from PC games. I'm not saying they will stop supporting the PC, but they are now starting to see that more revenue comes from the consoles and that there is less piracy on consoles.

BTW, these are some of the best multiplayer maps I have ever played!

cmacdonald3729d ago

Saaking: Pirates made COD what it is today on PC's

Saaking3729d ago

I'm sure the game will be heavily pirated. I personally won't do it becuase I don't like piracy, but a LOT of potential customers on PC will be lost thanks to Activision's lame decisions.

Timesplitter143729d ago

Hardcore gamers were hating COD4 just as much even with dedicated servers. The lack of dedicated servers is just another problem among the sea of problems we see in this cancer of a game.

4Sh0w3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

You dont know what you're talking about, as a 360 owner I dont care whether a great game like MW2 is 1st pary or 3rd party as long as microsoft keeps getting great games on 360. If microsft intends to own less studios while buying more deals through 3rd party than sony does then I dont care, Gears is a good example, hell I dont even care if it goes to PC or time exclusive to ps3, I still get to play it, microsoft seems to be competing well and bringing its fanbase even with far less studios than sony. 360 owners also complained heavily about the hardware failure rate, where have you been(probably on n4g talking nonsense the whole time), because I sure as hell complained, just like literally 10's of thousands of other 360 owners at least on forums all over the interweb. I guess you think microsoft decided to throw 2bil at the problem withe the 3yr warranty because they hated to see so many 360 owners silenty forking out cash for a brand new 360 or paying repair fees, yeah and we all know ms hates $$$ too. I do agree about the overpriced accessories, however there been no real outcry but we have complained about the HDD price, the wireless is overpriced but not neccessary and the other accessories are generally priced in line with comprarable products, you should get out more.

NaiNaiNai3729d ago

PC fans....

Get a console and stop complaining.

Syronicus3729d ago

Yes, you PC gamers did make it what it is today. It is because of the PC pirate community that IW and Activision made the game the way they did. To prevent pirating so thanks to the PC community and the fact that they would rather steal a copy of a game rather than buy it legit... Go torrent go!

mastiffchild3729d ago

Jebubs! THIS is why NONE of us got dedicated servers. This is why Acti got away with prive hikes and treating the PC gamers like crap.

Console gamers bashing PC gamers, PC gamers bashing console gamers while all the while IW/Acti are laughing all the way to the back at our childish lack of support for each other.

Wouldn't PS360 gamers have LIKEd dedicated servers? I know I would. If we can't drop these pathetic battlelines we'll ALL continue getting crappy P2P and have higher prices forced upon us.

We're all GAMERS. We should have stiuck together over this and ALL demanded dedicated servers. After all it iosn't like it would even dent their profits at all, is it?

Instead we're moaning at each other when the people shafting us count the money we rushed to give them for a product that should have been so much better for us all. If, btw, IW were bothered about people pirating MW2 this is the LAST thing they would have done, imo. They just forgot where they came from and found actis sorporate wang far too tasty for their own good. Gamers, on the other hand just need to grow up and smell something smelly(plenty about)and stop the infighting if we EVER want to stop getting the shaft from an industry that relies on our money to survive. Of COURSE they'd have caved if we stood up for once!

Sadly, it appears we're just too divided for that to happen. I's sad.

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Pandamobile3730d ago

There were what, 3 million pre-orders, and only 38,000 people have played the PC version today. That's like 1%. Boycott seems to be going well :)

arakouftaian3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

pc game will still cost cheaper


and if they are not you can always
cheat and download then .

i understand you getting mad
but get over it.


i mean bc2 will be out very soon

keep playing crysis until them


i mean wtf is worng with you

you get free maps
better product (pixels and etc)
mouse support
(they can't stop people from cheating and doing piracy, and lose a lot of sale)
and you still want the game to be cheaper


i hope the next cod is not made for pc
so they can have more time on making it better

Nitrowolf23730d ago

what do you mean wats wrong with him? I mean wat acti did to the PC version is wrong, they took out Mods and they took out Dedicated servers. So years now games for PC have been roughly 40bucks with all of those still intacted and then here comes acti Jacking up the price and taking thngs out of it. I think he has every right to be mad and so do other PC users. To us console users that doesn't matter because we never really had mod support in our games, that mod support is a key feature in PC games.

saint_john_paul_ii3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

"i mean wtf is worng with you

you get free maps
better product (pixels and etc)
mouse support
(they can't stop people from cheating and doing piracy, and lose a lot of sale)
and you still want the game to be cheaper "

uh, thats the problem, you cant mod anymore and the maps are probably not going to be free anymore since they are using p2p Matchmaking. that means "Modern LagFest 2".

Mods are what makes the game breathe life throughout its lifespan.

At first PC gamers were a little bit disapointed that the game would be $10 more than what it was suppose to cost, but it wasnt such a big deal.

The Big deal was IW getting rid of Dedicated Servers and introducing IWnet to the game, which cripples the PC version of the multiplayer game.

raztad3730d ago

I missed the comment where panda stated he wanted MW2 to be cheaper and correct me if I'm wrong but I thought modding was not possible in MW2.

akaFullMetal3730d ago

first thing is that the pc version cost the same as the ps3 and 360 version, which is crazy since it cost less to put out the pc version.

second, there isn't going to any mods, they said they took that out, unless i am incorrect.

third, they took out dedicated servers which is unheard of, since this is a pc standard now.

fourth, the reason why the pc community is upset since they don't want this to be the norm and have game companies do whatever they want to, without justifying it. (such as raising the price.)

correct me if i'm, wrong.

evrfighter3729d ago

um this idiot has been living under a rock the last month.

His entire argument went out the window when he still believed the pc version was cheaper with mod support.

Keep that matchmaking sh*t on consoles. Do it right or don't do it at all. There's more than enough dev's willing to take the pc fanbase.

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CAPT IRISH3730d ago

i must be the only gamer who doesn't give a sh1t about mw2

jessupj3729d ago

I'm mainly a console gamer, but I support you pc gamers all the way. Activision and IW can eat sh*t and die. And as you for you pathetic children telling pc gamers to stop whining... just go away. You obviously have incredibly low standards and can't comprehend this situation at all.

beavis4play3729d ago

i never bought COD4 either.....i rented it and wasn't impressed. i have little interest in MW2 - i won't be buying.

MajestieBeast3730d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Nope im there with you. You bash pc gamers and everything but atleast they dont buy a crappy product more then i can say from most of my fellow console users that think its the best thing since sliced bread. Just be prepared for a cod game every year from now on and palying that same multiplayer with new skins and a casualizing perks that encourage you to camp.

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