1UP: Need for Speed Nitro Review

While gamers may be quick to dismiss Nitro as a shallow racer aimed at casual gamers, it's actually fairly difficult, and gamers looking to totally complete the game will have a decent challenge facing them. Unfortunately, the "shallow" moniker does apply in some respects, as the single-player Career mode is quite brief and represents the bulk of the game; plus, the absence of online play does nothing to help this.

Given the slim pickings for racing fans on the Wii, though, it's easy to recommend NFS: Nitro, as it brings a solid (if however spartan) arcade racing experience to a system that clearly should have had one a long time ago.

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SpoonyRedMage3727d ago

Hmm, well 1up have generally been quite reliable with their Wii and DS reviews, from what I've read of their reviews anyway, so this says good things, I'll have to see about picking this up.

Also good job for the folks at EA Montreal, for a lot of the staff it was their first game so they''ve done a good job and I hope they come out with some great things in the future.